TRENCHSTOP™ 5 - matching tomorrow’s high efficiency demands

Infineon’s new TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBT technology redefines "Best-in-Class" IGBT by providing unmatched performance in terms of efficiency for hard switching applications. The new products are optimized for PFC and PWM topologies in applications such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Inverterized Welding Machines.

TRENCHSTOP™ 5 provides you the best solution for High Performance Welding and UPS Applications:

Your Requirements   Our Solution
  • High efficiency, high quality
  • High switching frequency for higher current output
  • Low thermals for less cooling and higher reliability
  • Smaller size and lower weight of welding machine
  • Best-in-Class for highest performance designs
  • Highest efficiency at frequency 50-100kHz
  • Excellent welding quality due to fastest time to arc current (550µsec)
  • Lowest Tj and Tcase - up to 35°C lower than competitors

Unbeatable together: TRENCHSTOP™ 5 and Rapid Diodes – the perfect fit for your PFC
>> Learn more about Rapid Diodes


The TRENCHSTOP™5 technology will be used as the basis of two families.

The first family, the HighSpeed 5 (H5), is available for the ease of use/plug and play replacement of existing IGBTs. It is a soft, high-speed IGBT requiring low design-in efforts.

The second family, the HighSpeed 5 FAST (F5), requires higher design effort, but offers the highest ever efficiency seen by an IGBT, for example more than 98% system efficiency has been observed in application measurements in a photovoltaic inverter using a H4 bridge.

Both are released with and without a 650V, anti-parallel, free-wheeling hyperfast silicon diode (FWD), where the hyperfast diode is an Infineon developed diode technology, from Infineon’s proprietary Rapid diode family.


  • Best-in-Class efficiency, resulting in lower junction and case temperature leading to higher device reliability
  • 50V increase in the bus voltage possible without compromising reliability
  • Higher power density design
Welding Application Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Key Applications

  • Welding
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
TRENCHSTOP™ is available in two variants
Variant 1: HighSpeed 5 - H5/High speed variant Variant 2: HighSpeed 5 Fast - F5/Highest efficiency
Plug & Play/Easy of use
  • Designed for ease of use implementation to easily replace existing IGBTs in designs or where redesign resources are limited
  • Optimized for gate resistor values down to 5Ω
Performance optimized
  • For low inductance designs in combination with SiC diodes to offer 1% higher efficiency compared to the H5
  • Requires higher design in effort, but rewards are higher


Continuous collector
current a Tc = 100°C
TO-220 FullPAK
TO-220 FullPAK
Single IGBT 40 IGP40N65F5 / H5 - IGW40N65F5 / H5
50 - - IGW50N65F5 / H5
DuoPack 8 IKP08N65F5 / H5 IKA08N65F5 / H5 -
15 IKP15N65F5 / H5 IKA15N65F5 / H5 -
40 IKW40N65F5 / H5 - -
50 IKW50N65F5 / H5 - -

Ultrafast Reverse Recovery Power Silicon Diodes

650 V Rapid 1 Diode

Infineon`s Rapid 1 diode family, with 1.35V temperature-stable forward voltage (V F), ensures the lowest conduction losses and by means of soft recovery keeps EMI emissions to a minimum. The devices are perfectly suited for Power Factor Correction (PFC) topologies, typically found in major home appliances, like air conditioners and washing machines.


  • 1.35V temperature-stable forward voltage (V F)
  • Highest S-factor for ultimate softness and low EMI filtering
  • Lowest I rrm to provide low turn-on losses on the boost switch
  • For applications switching between 18kHz and 40kHz

Key Applications

  • UPS
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Home Appliance
  • Welding

650V Rapid 2 Diode

The Rapid 2 diode family is designed for applications switching between 40kHz and 100kHz by offering low reverse recovery charge (Q rr) and time (t rr) to minimize the reverse conduction times attributed to the power switch turn-on losses and thus providing maximum efficiency.


  • Lowest reverse recovery charge (Q rr): forward voltage (V F) ratio for BiC performance
  • Low reverse recovery time (t rr)
  • Lowest I rrm to provide lowest turn-on losses on the boost switch
  • Designed for applications switching between 40kHz and 100kHz

Key Applications

  • Telecom
  • Server
  • PC Power
  • UPS
  • Welding
  • Adapter
Continuous collector
current a Tc = 100°C
TO-220 real 2-leg
TO-220 real 2-leg
TO-220 FullPAK real 2-leg
TO-220 FullPAK Real 2-Leg
Rapid 1 8 IDP08E65D1 - -
15 IDP15E65D1 - -
30 - - IDW30E65D1
40 - - IDW40E65D1
Rapid 2 8 IDP08E65D2 IDV08E65D2 -
15 IDP15E65D2 IDV15E65D2 IDW15E65D2
40 IDP40E65D2 - IDW40E65D2
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