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Honeywell Sensing and Control is a global leader in providing reliable sensing and switching solutions for our customers’ applications.

For innovation that’s well apart, there’s only Honeywell Sensing and Control. Our expertise in aerospace and defense, transportation, medical, and industrial industries means we offer products and solutions for a wide range of applications. But, an impressive product line is only one part. We possess unique engineering expertise, value-added capabilities, and long-standing distribution partnerships to help to competitively price our components for your chosen application and provide immediate technical support.


Honeywell Sensing Airflow Sensors View Airflow Sensors

Airflow Sensors

Advanced microstructure technology. Sensitive and fast response to flow, amount/direction of air or other gas. Analog or digital output. Thin-film, thermally isolated bridge structure consists of a heater and temperature sensing elements. May be used in: HVAC, respirators, process control, oxygen concentrators, gas metering, chromatography, leak detection equipment, medical/analytical instrumentation, and ventilation equipment.

Honeywell Sensing Current Sensors View Current Sensors

Current Sensors

Accurate and fast response. Almost no thermal drift or offset with temperature. Adjustable linear, null balance, digital, and linear current sensors. May be used in: Variable speed drives, overcurrent protection, power supplies, ground fault detectors, robotics, industrial process control, and wattmeters.

Honeywell Sensing Force Sensors View Force Sensors

Force Sensors

Variety of package styles and various electrical interconnects including prewired connectors, printed circuit board mounting, and surface mounting for flexibility. May be used in: Infusion and syringe pumps, blood pressure equipment, pump pressure, drug delivery systems, occlusion detection, and kidney dialysis machines.

Honeywell Sensing Humidity Sensors View Humidity Sensors

Humidity Sensors

Configured with integrated circuitry. Provide on-chip signal conditioning with interchangeability of ±3 % accuracy and out-of-thebox reliability. Standardized, platform-based sensors. May be used in: Air compressors, food and beverage packaging and processing, HVAC, printing presses, and office equipment.

Honeywell Sensing Infrared Sensors View Infrared Sensors

Infrared Sensors

IREDs, sensors, and assemblies for object presence, limit and motion sensing, position encoding, and movement encoding. Variety of package styles, materials, and terminations. May be used in: Printers/copiers, motion control systems, metering, data storage systems, scanning, automated transaction, drop sensors, and non-invasive medical equipment.

Honeywell Sensing Magnetic Position Sensors View Magnetic Position Sensors

Magnetic Position Sensors

Digital and analog Hall-effect position ICs, magnetoresistive position ICs, Hall-effect vane, gear-tooth, and magnetic sensors. May be used in: Speed and RPM sensing, motor/fan control, magnetic encoding, disc speed, tape, flow-rate sensing, conveyors, ignitions, motion control/detection, power/position, magnetic code reading, vibration, and weight sensing.

Honeywell Sensing Position Sensors View Position Sensors

Position Sensors

The SMART position sensor measures linear or angular position of a magnet attached to a moving object so that the object’s position can be determined or controlled. Its simple, non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reduces wear and tear, improves reliability and durability. May be used in: valve position, material handling, plastic molding, passenger bus level position, truck-mounted crane outrigger position, aerial work lift platform, front loader and digger/excavation boom position. Potentiometer sensors measure linear, rotary position or displacement. Honeywell’s proprietary conductive plastic delivers extensive temperature range and infinite resolution, and provides precision position measurement. May be used in: robotic motion control, marine steering, and in-tank level sensing. Ultrasonic sensors measure time delays between emitted and echo pulses, often accurately determining the sensor-to-target distance. May be used in: level measurement, height and thickness sensing, and diameter control.

Honeywell Sensing Pressure Sensors Board Mount View Pressure Sensors - Board Mount

Pressure Sensors - Board Mount

Full line of industrialgrade sensors: media-isolating design, multiple ports and outlets, and electrical configurations. May be used in: Pneumatic controls, air compressors, process monitoring, hydraulic controls, VAV controls, clogged filter detection, presence/absence of flow, and transmissions.

Honeywell Sensing Pressure Sensors - Heavy Duty View Pressure Sensors - Heavy Duty

Pressure Sensors - Heavy Duty

Small, allowing use on their own in tight packages or as the building block for a complete transducer. Developed for potential use in pressure applications that involve measurement of hostile media in harsh environments compatible with 316 stainless steel. May be used in industrial controls, process control systems, and industrial automation.

Honeywell Sensing Pressure Transducers - Heavy Duty View Pressure Transducers - Heavy Duty

Pressure Transducers - Heavy Duty

Provide a complete amplified and compensated pressure measurement
solution. Choice of ports, connectors, outputs and pressure ranges, engineered to be resistant to a wide variety of media for use in most harsh environments. May be used in: Industrial HVAC/R and air compressors; general system and factory automation pump, valve and fluid pressure; and transportation (heavy equipment and alternative fuel vehicles) system, pneumatics, and hydraulics.

Honeywell Sensing Proximity Sensors View Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Designed to meet demanding temperature, vibration, shock, and EMI/EMP interference requirements. Number of housing materials and termination styles. May be used in: Aircraft landing gear, gun turret position control, and door/hatch monitoring.

Honeywell Sensing Rotary Position Sensors View Rotary Position Sensors

Rotary Position Sensors

Digital and analog Hall-effect, magnetoresistive, and potentiometric devices and resolvers for sensing presence of a magnetic field or rotary position. Directly compatible with electronic circuits for application flexibility. May be used in: Audio and lighting, frequency, temperature, position, medical/instrumentation, computer peripherals, manual controls, joysticks, telecom, welding, heating, and aerospace.

Honeywell Sensing Speed Sensors View Speed Sensors

Speed Sensors

Measure speed, position, and presence detection utilizing magnetoresistive, variable reluctance, Hall-effect, variable inductance, and Spiral technologies. May be used in: Cam and crankshafts, transmissions, fans, pumps, mixers, rollers, and motors.

Honeywell Sensing Temperature Sensors View Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Customized probes, thermistors, and RTD sensors. Plastic/ceramic, miniaturized, surface-mount housings, and printed circuit board terminations. May be used in: Semiconductor protection, vending machines, power generation, hydraulic systems, thermal management, and temperature compensation.

Honeywell Sensing Thermostats View Thermostats


Commercial and precision snap-action. Automatic or manual reset options, phenolic or ceramic housings. May be used in: Telecommunications, battery heater controls, computers, copy machines, fax machines, food service, food carts, small and major appliances, heat and smoke detectors, and HVAC equipment.


Honeywell Sensing MICRO SWITCH™ View MICRO SWITCH™ Basic Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Basic Switches

Snap-action precision switches. Compact. Lightweight. Designed for repeatability and enhanced life. Premium and standard snap-action switches: standard, miniature, subminiature, hermetically sealed, and hightemperature versions. May be used in: Vending machines, communication equipment, HVAC, appliances, electronic gaming machinery, valve controls, irrigation systems, foot switches, pressure,
and temperature controls.

Honeywell Sensing MICRO SWITCH™ View MICRO SWITCH™ Hazardous Area Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Hazardous Area Switches

Flame path designed to contain and cool escaping hot gases that could cause an explosion. MICRO SWITCH™ EX, BX, CX, and LSX Series. May be used in: Grain elevators and conveyors, off-shore drilling, petrochemical, waste-treatment plants, control valves, paint booths, and hazardous waste handling facilities.

Honeywell Sensing Key and Rotary Switches View Key and Rotary Switches

Key and Rotary Switches

Used on machinery in harsh environments. O-rings help keep dirt and moisture out and prolong life. May be used in: All-terrain vehicles, golf carts, snowmobiles, scissor lifts, telehandlers, construction and marine equipment, skid loaders, agricultural equipment, material handlers.

Honeywell Sensing Limit Switches View MICRO SWITCH™ Limit Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Limit Switches

Broadest and deepest limit switch portfolio. Rugged, dependable position detection solutions. MICRO SWITCH™ heavyduty limit switches (HDLS) and global limit switches. Hermetically and environmentally sealed switches. May be used in: Machine tools, woodworking, textile, and printing machinery, metal fabrication, balers/compactors, forklifts, bridges, robotics, wind turbines, elevators, moving stairs, doors, dock locks/levelers, aerial lifts, cranes, conveyors, rail, shipboards, and dock side.

Honeywell Sensing Pressure and Vacuum Switches View Pressure and Vacuum Switches

Pressure and Vacuum Switches

Feature set points from 0.5 psi to 3000 psi. Rugged components have enhanced repeatability, flexibility, and wide media capability. May be used in: Transmissions, hydraulics, brakes, steering, generators/compressors, dental air, embalming equipment, oxygen concentrators, air cleaners, fuel filters, and pool water pressure.

Honeywell Sensing Pushbutton Switches View MICRO SWITCH™ Pushbutton Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Pushbutton Switches

Lighted or unlighted. Wide range of electrical and display design, pushbuttons, and manual switches. Many shapes, sizes, and configurations. Easy to apply, operate, and maintain. May be used in: Control boards and panels, industrial and test equipment, computers, medical instrumentation, and aerospace.

Honeywell Sensing Rocker Switches View MICRO SWITCH™ Rocker Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Rocker Switches

Wide range of electrical and display design. Many shapes, sizes, and configurations to enhance manual operation. May be used in: Transportation, agricultural and construction equipment, test equipment, heavy-duty machinery, marine equipment, small appliances, telecom, medical instrumentation, and commercial aviation.

Honeywell Sensing Sealed and High Accuracy Switches View MICRO SWITCH™ Sealed and High Accuracy Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Sealed and High Accuracy Switches

Precision ‘snap action’ mechanisms. Wide variety of actuators, terminations, circuitry configurations, electrical ratings, contact materials, and operating characteristics. May be used in: Landing gear, flap/stabilizer controls, thrust reversers, space vehicles, armored personnel carriers, de-icer controls, wingfold actuators, industrial environments, valves, and underwater.

Honeywell Sensing Toggle Switches View MICRO SWITCH™ Toggle Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Toggle Switches

Wide range of electrical and display design. Available in many shapes, sizes, and configurations. May be used in: Aerial lifts, construction equipment, agriculture and material-handling equipment, factory-floor controls, process control, medical instrumentation, test instruments, and military/commercial aviation.

Safety Products

Full-Scale Offering. Solid, Robust Industry Knowledge. Whether you're an end-user or OEM, you face an ongoing challenge: to keep your machines and equipment operating safely and productively, while meeting all global workplace safety standards. When you need comprehensive solutions for machine safeguarding, Honeywell helps you meet the challenge with one of the industry's broadest switch portfolios.

Honeywell offers you choices to ensure that your needs are met in the safety arena. Designed with OEMs in mind, we offer safety switches in every size.

  • Key-operated interlock switches
  • Cable-pull switches
  • Hinge-mount switches
  • Trapped key and solenoid key switches
  • Positive-opening contacts


Honeywell Sensing Safety Switches View MICRO SWITCH™ Safety Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Safety Switches

For operator point-of-operation protection, access detection, presence sensing, gate monitoring, and electrical interfacing. High-quality, dependable, cost-effective solutions. May be used in: Packaging and semi-conductor equipment, plastic-molding machinery, machine tools, textile machines, lifts, industrial doors, bailers, compactors, aircraft bridges, telescopic handlers, refuse vehicles.


Go farther. Work smarter. Explore new possibilities. Just by cutting the cord and making the switch.

Honeywell’s Limitless™ switches combine every advantage you’d expect:

  • More flexibility - can potentially network up to 16 switches.
  • More uptime - less maintenance and reduced work disruptions.
  • More savings - reduces the costs of wiring, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
  • More standard options - connects using 802.15.4 RF 2.4 GHz standard radio bands.
  • More diagnostics - stay aware of battery health and signal strength.
  • More security - conforms to the international IEEE 802.15.4 standard and features a 16-bit address and 128-bit AES security key.

With Limitless™ technology, we’re harnessing the power of possibility. We’re bringing the promise of wireless technology to a world of applications. Our series of switches is just the beginning. This is a gateway, a springboard to a world of wireless applications.

It’s time to switch. Switch to wireless. Switch to Limitless™ products.


Honeywell Sensing Limitless™ Series View Limitless™ Series

Limitless™ Series

Combines the best of MICRO SWITCH™ limit switches with latest commercial wireless technology. Beneficial for remote monitoring where wiring/maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible. Used for position sensing and presence/absence detection. May be used in: valve position, crane boom/jib/skew position, lifts, material handling, presses, construction/ag machines, conveyors, remote/temporary equipment, grain diverters or flaps, and door position.

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