AOS Common-Drain MOSFETs

Alpha and Omega Semiconductors offers their dual MOSFETs AON6810, AON6812 and AOC4810

Image of Alpha and Omega Semiconductor's AOS Common-Drain MOSFETsAlpha and Omega offers the dual-MOSFET family in the common-drain configuration in both DFN 5 x 6 and Micro-DFN 3.2 x 2 packages. These devices are suitable for battery pack applications where two N-channel MOSFETs are connected back-to-back for safe charging and discharging, as well as voltage protection. The products provide ultra-low RSS (source-to-source resistance) of less than 10 mΩ at 10 V gate drive. AON6810, AON6812 and AOC4810 provide ideal solutions for enhancing battery pack performance in the latest generation Ultrabooks and tablets, where low conduction loss is a must for optimizing battery life.

AON6810, AON6812 and AOC4810 use the AlphaMOS technology to accomplish very-low RDS (ON) along with 4 kV ESD protection to enhance battery pack safety. AON6810 and AON6812 use a bottom-exposed DFN 5 x 6 package for enhanced thermal capability. The AON6812 features a low 8 mΩ max total RSS  resistance at 10 V drive. Rated with a 30 V breakdown voltage, it is capable of charging and discharging a laptop battery pack with the least amount of power loss and heat dissipation. The AON6810 provides an extra level of protection with an internal temperature-sense diode that provides first-hand thermal information to the battery-control IC. By utilizing the temperature-sense pins of AON6810, designers can accurately monitor the MOSFETs thermal condition in a real-time basis to prevent any abnormal overheating.

To meet the demand of ultra-thin battery packs, the AOC4810 takes advantage of AOS's innovative Miro-DFN package, which features an ultra-low profile of only 0.4 mm. Unlike the conventional CSP (chip-scale packaging), the Micro-DFN eliminates the risk of die chipping by encapsulating the silicon to provide full protection to the die as well as providing excellent moisture isolation. When board space is key concern, AOC4810 provides a great option to further enhance power density. With dimensions of only 3.2 mm x 2 mm, AOC4810 offers a maximum RSS  level of 8.8 mΩ to minimize conduction loss and heat dissipation.

Features and Benefits AON6810
  • Trench-power AlphaMOS (αMOS LV) technology
  • Very-low RDS (ON) at 4.5 V VGS
  • Low gate charge
  • ESD protection
  • RoHS and Halogen-free compliant
  • Common drain
  • Integrated temp-sense diode


AOS Common-Drain MOSFETs

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AON6812 datasheet linkMOSFET 2N-CH 30V 27A 8-DFNAON6812MOSFET 2N-CH 30V 27A 8-DFN2 canal N (dual), drenaje comúnCompuerta de nivel lógico0Enlace de la página del producto AON6812
AON6810 datasheet linkMOSFET 2N-CH 30V 25A 8-DFNAON6810MOSFET 2N-CH 30V 25A 8-DFN2 canal N (dual), drenaje comúnCompuerta de nivel lógico0Enlace de la página del producto AON6810
AOC4810 datasheet linkMOSFET 2N-CH 8-DFNAOC4810MOSFET 2N-CH 8-DFN2 canal N (dual), drenaje comúnCompuerta de nivel lógico0Enlace de la página del producto AOC4810
Publicado: 2014-04-04