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Test Clips and Accessories How to ensure the reliabilily an: ' ' performance of your PC board components without 1 assemblies? 3" Integrated . ‘ est clips provide the solution. Useful in prototype and production testing. quality control inspection and field service. 3M IC test clips are an indispensable tool for the electronics industry. They make in-circuit IC ‘* testing safer by providing easy access to [C leads for probes wirhout danger of shorting out valuable chips. - 3M IC test clips are availabl in both nail head and "headless leads to accommodate a wide range of applications. - 3M IC test clips feature heavy duty helical compression springs to provide firm and positive contact pressure. - 3M IC test clips feature an insulating contact comb to help prevent accidental shorts. - 3M 1C test 91in feature a patented "wiping action" to ensure integrity during testing. . 3M IC test clips feature steel hinge pins and tough, glass filled polyester bodies, UL M 94V-0Ltoprovide Ring service'life.
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What makes 3M products unique Surlace Mount Test cl 5 3M Surface Mount Integrated Circuit Test Clips provide a downsized series made for today‘s mallet components and higher densities. Now hard-l0- aceess Surface Mount [Cs can be connected to t ‘l probes and logical assemblies qui kly and easily without the risk of shorting out clips or dumaging other hoard components, 3M Surface Mount test clips are available in different pin sizes to accommodate a wide range nt’ requirements, Industry standard .025"
Probe Clips Safe, last, and easy way to test component leads. ZVI'» plungerraclualed Probe Cllp< make="" [cal="" wmlecuom="" lo="" individun]="" component="" and="" [esl="" cllp="" leads="" easler="" and="" fcmel'.="" and="" mlnllnlze="" the="" chances="" ol'accillcnlal="">< thc»="" will="" pru\="" \(lc="" hand~-l'rcc="" lmublcxlluuling="" and="" cncuil="" icaling.="" simply="" prc="" s="" on="" the="" cap="" oflhc="" plobe="" lo="" cxlcnd="" lhc="" phmpur="" bnlmc="" mnlucl="" hook.="" place="" h="" on="" lhe="" cumpnncnl="" load="" bum="" lcncd.="" ihcn="" iclcéhc="" [or="" a="" safe="" and="" are="" alluchmcnl.="" pmbc="" clips="" can="" also="" be="" soldered="" iu="" manded="" hookrup="" ere.="" shorts="" arc="" dramalically="" reduced="" because="" [he="" conlacl="" hook="" |=""> alwa)» sheathed in Ihe nylon body of Ihe Probe cllp. The contacl hook ls only cxpmcd when llle cap ic manually pressed. Probe clip) are Available in four dlfferem, 265:1.63“. 7.19". 2.3 and 3.50". Spablllcallnns Comm l’huwhor )3ch null \llwl Illxlllpllnn clam m Numnar \llcumM m ‘lZ HHUH QWPWKC‘ um mama“ Elm llmzllm c l m, ‘o: m l Ytllnu esllznch We 1 um. ll l l \hrm Paw l m a: lull ( lwlnlllm m (WV m ml \lm Pmlv Ran luau ‘- P“ Wm“ m M q KK ( ‘ um gnaw” l (lrurn «lzmcmx l V'elllm «WM K ‘ \\'hnc «)3; 7c \llnl pm l nl mll Vl‘x‘lll “fl“ SWIM-d xmnml K3 ,9 l .3 13 l lapel thagzI i l I i \l llulnrd mm M (y:1~<4l)kl] l="" l:="" w="" 9.3:“ng="" l="" mm="" l="" 21340="" mac="" \lmr-m="" mull.="" _="" mun="" :="" w="" ‘ml="" w="" ‘="" ‘="" qbhsvbkvc="" rbmmmun="" ll="" l|ll="" lluul="" roman="" mm="" ml.="" pm.="" ml="" m:="" m="" hulk="" ,mw="" for="" technical,="" sales="" or="" order="" ng="" iniormation,="" contact="" 3m="" at:="" phone:="" 1-800-321="" -9668="" fax:="" 1="" -800-321="" 45329="" important="" notice="" a“="" s‘f‘e'heh‘s="" kchrllca="" l'l’c'”a"jh="" and="" le="" :i'h'fierda'u="" ,="" 'ela‘ed="" v="" s="" .="" .="" am}.="" am:="" vf'”:"lesll="" llll‘l‘,(ll'llltllvl="" 5="" 'llnrld’i’llls’)="" mums="" we="" ~azsoeww="" w="" eleclrol="" 'c="" specially="" market.="" electra="" l'pmduc="" di="" 6801="" rner="" place="" blvd="" allmn.="" tx="" 78726-9000="" ’="" er="" shall="" \‘2'="" be="" lulele="" dud‘s‘lcv‘s="" a="" _="" :o-la="" ed="" lr="" a”="" (a="" .="" .="" .«="" ’1":f="" pmsml="" ‘nd="" 1="" l‘c'lzod="" wool="" c="" _="" 'hmav="" l="" l="" :llllg="" .jt="" .3="" lalnea="" real="" ale="" made="" -="" eu="" ol="" al="" hegjge‘jv.="" 4r="" swcl="" ll="" mllos="" cxp'cssc="" ml="" an.="" "‘llldl'w‘l="" full="" injl="" my="" on="" row="" a‘w="" alarm="" on="" ”3|="" l'“="" m:="" c="" re="" r'lp="" «all»="" lee="" ol="" consequemyhl="" ml="" ag="" 5="" susm="" mc'char‘lnl‘="" -,="" 2m="" llmcss="" 'm="" a="" devi="" ch‘g'="" incupwe,="" ev="" elms”="" o:="" t:="" ll="" *="" dulpc="" i»="" m="" [his="" no="" man,="" exp'f="" m="" l~="" lh="" s="" ”r="" dscla="" mad="" cefec'v.’="" ®="" llll’lo="" lrl="" lhe="" usa="" 4021="" i'mrummmdr="" mm="" paper="" urllnulrlllmlmlmllull="" lllllm="" ©="" 3m="" 1998="" 50»6103~640577l093l="" sljhaltg="">