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Data Sheet
Incorporating a contemporary industrial design,
VARIOFACE Professional (VIP) offers a next-generation
approach to passive 1:1 wiring for applications that require
fast, fault-free connection of field devices, such as process
or motion controllers. By utilizing D-sub cable connection to
the controller and screw-cage termination to field devices,
the end-user saves valuable time in installing and
troubleshooting a system. VARIOFACE Professional is
available in both two- and three-level field I/O configurations
and accommodates 9-, 15-, 25-, 37-, and 50-position D-sub
cable connectors in both male and female versions.
To aid in device identification in the switch cabinet,
VARIOFACE Professional integrates a channel that can
utilize the full range of ZB holders to provide flexible module
marking options. VARIOFACE Professional also offers easy
access to field I/O marking by providing signal marking on
the screw connection surface. The module’s single, rugged
metal mounting foot moves along the length of the module,
facilitating ease of installation and disconnection, and the
added benefit of positioning the module for efficient wiring.
Compact design reduces space requirements in the
control cabinet
I/O marking for field wiring clearly identified when device
is mounted
Integrated ZB channel allows flexible marking of device
A single, metal mounting foot allows easy installation
and removal to the mounting rail
Movable mounting foot allows flexible module
positioning during wire installation
Make sure you always use the latest documentation.
It can be downloaded at www.phoenixcontact.net/download.
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VARIOFACE Professional for D-subminiature plug
3Ordering Data
4 Technical Data
Description Type Order No. Pcs./Pkt
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub male connector, 9 position VIP-2/SC/D9SUB/M 2315117 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub male connector, 15 position VIP-2/SC/D15SUB/M 2315120 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub male connector, 25 position VIP-3/SC/D25SUB/M 2315133 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub male connector, 37 position VIP-3/SC/D37SUB/M 2315146 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub male connector, 50 position VIP-3/SC/D50SUB/M 2315159 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub female connector, 9 position VIP-2/SC/D9SUB/F 2315162 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub female connector, 15 position VIP-2/SC/D25SUB/F 2315175 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub female connector, 25 position VIP-3/SC/D25SUB/F 2315188 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub female connector, 37 position VIP-3/SC/D37SUB/F 2315191 1
VARIOFACE Professional, D-sub female connector, 50 position VIP-3/SC/D50SUB/F 2315201 1
General Data
Ambient temperature range (operating) -20 to 50°C
Ambient temperature range (storage/transport) -20 to 70°C
Humidity, permissible 95% non-condensing
Altitude, maximum 2000 m
Intended use Indoors
Pollution degree 2
Mounting NS 35 (EN 50022), any orientation
Surge voltage category II
Electrical Data
Operating voltage, UN (IEC, UL) 125 V AC/DC
Operating voltage, UN (CSA) 105 V AC/DC
Permissible current, maximum per pin12 A
1VIP-3/SC/D50SUB… is limited to 1 A per pin
Connection Data
Connection type Screw
Stripping length 8 mm
Distribution connection data (solid/stranded/AWG) 0.2-4.0 mm²/0.2-2.5 mm²/24-12 AWG
Screw thread M3
Tightening torque 0.5-0.6 Nm
Air creepage distances IEC 60664, DIN EN 50178, IEC 62103
UL/CUL UL 508 (E238705)
CSA 61010-01: 04
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Figure 1 VIP-2/SC/D…SUB… (2-level) dimensions
Figure 2 VIP-3/SC/D…SUB… (3-level) dimensions
Figure 3 Circuit diagram
Width Depth Height
VIP-2/SC/D9SUB/M 34.7 45.1 65.5
VIP-2/SC/D15SUB/M 45.0 45.1 65.5
VIP-3/SC/D25SUB/M 57.4 62.0 69.0
VIP-3/SC/D37SUB/M 72.7 62.0 69.0
VIP-3/SC/D50SUB/M 98.2 62.0 69.0
VIP-2/SC/D9SUB/F 34.7 45.1 65.5
VIP-2/SC/D25SUB/F 45.0 45.1 65.5
VIP-3/SC/D25SUB/F 57.4 62.0 69.0
VIP-3/SC/D37SUB/F 72.7 62.0 69.0
VIP-3/SC/D50SUB/F 98.2 62.0 69.0