Think Like Cree, Episode 1: Everett Bradford, R&D Engineer

There are robots, and then there are rope-bots. Watch as Cree’s own engineer, Everett, tests to see if the latter can cut it…out of a tall tree.

2/14/2019 7:24:35 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
IC RF TXRX ISM>1GHZ 20VFQFNNRF24L01P-R7IC RF TXRX ISM>1GHZ 20VFQFN11615 - ImmediateView Details
CRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 9PF SMDTSX-3225 16.0000MF18X-AC0CRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 9PF SMD452 - ImmediateView Details
BATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR123ACR-123ABATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR123A642521 - ImmediateView Details
IC MCU 8BIT 14KB FLASH 20QFNPIC16F1829-I/MLIC MCU 8BIT 14KB FLASH 20QFN1310 - ImmediateView Details
GEARMOTOR 270 RPM 12VROB-12125GEARMOTOR 270 RPM 12V10 - ImmediateView Details