ISO 26262 Automotive Fuctional Safety Read dsPIC33C DSCs

Designing safe and reliable automotive applications to ensure customer safety is critical. To meet these rigorous safety requirements, we offer a broad portfolio of functional safety ready dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs).

ATtiny1627 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Board Kit | Datasheet Preview

Microchip Technology's ATtiny1627 Curiosity Nano evaluation kit offers full program and debug capabilities with a development board that fits in a pocket.

DM182030 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit | Datasheet Preview

Microchip’s DM182030 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit features the PIC18F57Q84 8-bit microcontroller, an award-winning MPLAB X integrated development platform, and MPLAB code configurator.

EV45Y33A Machine Learning | First Look

Microchip’s hardware and software platforms make it possible to run machine learning applications on MCUs at the edge, and the SAMD21 Machine Learning Evaluation Kit allows developers to rapidly enable edge-based machine learning.

dsPIC33 e-mobility | Datasheet Preview

The dsPIC33 DSC family, from Microchip, offers a flexible and robust solution for e-mobility vehicles.

Shields UP #1 - MultiZone™ Security - Making RISC-V the Most Secure Platform Ever

This session will appeal to anyone with an interest in embedded security in general and in RISC-V in particular.

Shields UP #2 - Trust Platform for the CryptoAuthentication™ Device Family

As part of the Microchip Shields UP security webinar, Xavier Bignalet, product marketing manager, describes the Trust Platform service for the CryptoAuthentication(TM) device family.

Shields UP #3 - Protecting Your IP in a Cloud Connected World

This webinar will provide an overview on the threat and a hybrid (HW+SW) solution that helps address this threat. Rapid explosion of cloud enablement of Applications and Businesses has created a bigger connectivity footprint .

Shields UP #4 - Trust Your Firmware: Secure Boot for Application Processors

Join Microchip to learn how to protect a system against threats before any malware can be loaded into the system.

Shields UP #5 - RISC V Enclaves: A Clean Slate Approach to Linux Security

The MultiZone™ demo shows how to secure the deterministic behavior of mixed-criticality systems where Linux and Real-Time come together in a single PolarFire SoC device.

Shields UP #6 - The Importance of Quantum Resistance for Critical Security Functions

This webinar will also describe the power and scalability of DOME, a device onboarding management and enrollment platform for securing PolarFire SoC throughout its lifecycle.

Shields UP #7 - Pre-provisioned Secure Elements: Onboarding with Trust&GO for AWS IoT

This Shields UP webinar will explain the value of using a pre-provisioned ATECC608A-TNGTLS Trust&GO secure element from the Trust Platform offering along with the AWS Multi-account registration feature.

Shields UP #8 - Guidelines to Securing Your Embedded Software IP Using IAR Systems C Trust

In this webinar Microchip will discuss techniques on how efficient IP protection can be implemented using state-of-the-art cryptography.

Shields UP #9 - Secure MPU Boot for the Insecure World

A hardware root of trust is the foundation for protecting your products. Having a secure boot is at the heart of a sustained root of trust through the entire product life cycle. Learn how easy a secure boot can be on a Microchip MPU.

Shields UP #10 - Automotive Network Security

As in-vehicle networks continue to evolve in scale and complexity, more nodes are connected to the Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) network, expanding the potential attack surface for hackers.

Shields UP #11 - Platform Firmware Resiliency

Join Microchip as they discuss the NIST 800-193 guidelines for Platform Firmware Resiliency.

Shields UP #12 - PolarFire® SoC Secure Boot Methodologies

PolarFire® SoC provides Secure Boot out of the box. Learn how we've implemented secure boot and also how you can roll your own secure boot methodology.

Shields UP #13 - Secure Authentication with TrustFLEX Secure Element and Microsoft Azure

During this Shields UP webinar #13, we will explain the various authentication use cases TrustFLEX offers by default and how to implement a device to cloud secure authentication using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service.

Shields UP #14 - Wi-Fi Enterprise Security Software

This webinar will highlight the differences and how to ensure operation in more strict environments.

Shields UP #15 - Post Quantum Suite Q™ for Embedded Devices

Join to discuss PQSecures NIST candidate for Quantum PKI. Reza Azarderakhsh, CEO of PQSecure, will discuss their Quantum resistant PKI solution running on Microchip PolarFire FPGAs.