Total Timing Solutions | Datasheet Preview

Diodes Incorporated offers a broad portfolio of high-quality crystal oscillators For many applications including digital circuits and high-performance SERDES.

DC-DC Buck Convert | Datasheet Preview

Diodes Incorporated has developed a wide range of DC-to-DC Buck Converters with a robust set of features and maximum input voltages from 5.5V to 40V and automotive converters with AEC-Q100 qualification.

LDO's | Datasheet Preview

Diodes’ offers a broad portfolio of low dropout regulators, or LDOs, with many different features to fit numerous applications.

Electromagnetic Designs Practices for the AL8805

Explore techniques to reduce radiated electromagnetic interference in a MR16 Lighting application.

Diodes Automotive-Compliant MOSFETs | Digi-Key Daily

40 V DMTH4008LFDFWQ and 60 V DMTH6016LFDFWQ from Diodes are automotive-compliant MOSFETs packaged in the tiny DFN2020 package with a maximum junction temperature of +175ºC.

Diodes AL3353 IC | Digi-Key Daily

AL3353 from Diodes is a highly integrated and cost-effective light emitting diode (LED) controller optimized for monitor and TV LED backlighting applications.

Diodes Low Dropout Regulators | Digi-Key Daily

LDOs from Diodes provide great simplicity for the system design, as they are widely used in broad applications due to no switching noise and small size.

Diodes BCR4xxUQ Series LED Current Regulators | Digi-Key Daily

Diodes' BCR4xxUQ series constant current regulators provide a simple means of driving low current LED strings in a variety of automotive applications.

Diodes ZXGD3113 Synchronous Rectifier Controller | Digi-Key Daily

ZXGD3113 from Diodes is a synchronous rectifier controller designed to be coupled with a MOSFET to replace lossy Schottky rectifiers in power supplies based on a fly-back or resonant converter topology.

Type-C™ Solution

Diodes Incorporated offers a number of products for the emerging Type-C connector standard for ultramobile notebook / All-In-One PCs, tablet and smartphones.

Solution Guide for PCIe2 Packet Switches

An overview of PCI Express Packet Switches, which multiply the number of serial ports available from a processor. The overview explains what a packet switch is, and what typical applications would use packet switches.

Pericom 40GbE timing Solution

This is a video showing the performance of Pericom's UX series clock buffers to help with phase jitter in a 40GbE signal.

Pericom USB 3.0 ReDriver Performance

This is a video showing the performance of the Pericom USB 3.0 ReDriver.

Pericom Video Switch and Signal Integrity Solution

Pericom provides a complete solution of video signal path in Notebook and Docking Station designs with Video Switch and ReDrivers. Pericom's Video Switch enables switching between DisplayPort and HDMI ports.

Diodes Inc Hall Sensor Demo board

This video introduces the Diodes Inc HALLSENSOREV1 demonstration board and the Diodes Inc Hall Sensor product range.

AL8805 MR16 EMC guide

A quick guide showing some good design practices for AL8805 circuits, especially in MR16 applications, with the best possible EMC results.

AL8805EV1 quick start video

Quick start video to get up and running with the Diodes Incorporated AL8805EV1 demo board.