XW4M/N Push-In Terminal Block Connector | Datasheet Preview

Omron’s 3.5 mm XW4M/N Push-In Terminal Block Connectors greatly improve the insertion and removal of cable wiring. The low-profile XW4M/N features a high contact reliability through the unique connector engagement structure.

DC Brushless Power Tools – Trigger Switch

The capabilities of Omron’s C3AW Trigger Switch in DC Brushless Power Tools.

Push-In PCB Terminal Block Connectors

Omron’s new XW4M/N push-in PCB connectors are the ideal connector solution within the factory automation industry.

Healthcare Human Monitoring – B5L Time of Flight Sensor

How Omron's Time-of-Flight Sensor helps in healthcare and human monitoring applications.

Omron’s Platform PCB Relays

Understand the differences between Omron’s G5NB, G5Q and G2RL PCB Platform Relays.

Overhead Monitoring Applications

Omron’s D6T Thermal Sensor 1x8 version is the best fit for these type of applications.

Smart Home Business – Omron’s D6T Sensor for Room Monitoring

Explanation of how Omron's D6T Sensor can help your smart home

Autonomous Mobile Robot – B5L ToF Sensor Module

How Omron's Time-of-Flight Sensor Module offers its capabilities in autonomous mobile robot industry.

Omron’s MEMS Sensors

An overview of Omron’s MEMS Sensor Product Offering which includes 5 different product types.

Omron D7S Vibration Sensor Guide

Omron developed the D7S seismic sensor in order to reduce secondary damage from earthquake.

Omron’s Human Vision Component (HVC) & OKAO

An overview of Omron’s face detection components and software.

Accurate Fever Detection Utilizing Omron's D6T Thermal Sensing Technology

Learn how Omron’s D6T Thermal IR Sensors can be utilized to accurately detect fevers.

Enable Smaller PCB Designs with PCB Power Relays - Type G5NB, Type G5Q

Circuit designers face the constant challenge of shrinking PCB designs. Now, with OMRON G5NB and G5Q slim power relays, small PCB designs can be easier to create than ever.

G7EB PCB Power Relay Overview Guide

Omron’s G7EB PCB Power relay main specs and features, customer value, and applications in the energy industry are provided in this video.

IR Sensor for Gate Access Control

The contactless Thermal IR sensor can support temperature monitoring applications such as on an access gate or entryway.

Omron D6T Thermal IR Sensors with Slot Machines

Detect when a person has been in a high traffic area and the area needs to be sanitized.

Omron Touchless Sensors

Learn how Omron’s B5W optical sensors are used in touchless designs.

B5W-LB | Datasheet Preview

The B5W-LB series of light convergent reflective sensors, from Omron, offer dependable object detection of black, shiny, or transparent objects.

XP2U-001 Testing Socket for Devices with USB Type C Connectors

Introduction of the XP2U product features and usage.

Omron G3VM-21MT MOS FET Relay Module

G3VM-21MT is the first electronic component in the world*2 to adopt a "T-type circuit structure"*3. It allows high-precision measurement and improves productivity of electronic components.