CSL1104WB Ultra-Compact High Luminous Intensity White Chip LEDs

ROHM’s new white chip LEDs achieve the same 2.0cd luminosity as conventional 3528 size LEDs in a class-leading 87% smaller form factor. What’s more, color variation which is problematic with white LEDs is significantly improved.

BD34301EKV MUS-IC™ Series 32-bit, 768kHz DAC

Developed as part of ROHM’s MUS-IC™ series representing the pinnacle of audio ICs, the BD34301EKV is a 32bit DAC chip that includes a circuit in the signal processing block that checks for audio quality.

CSL1104WB White LED | Datasheet Preview

ROHM’s CSL1104WB white LED has an ultra-compact design for greater space savings in battery-driven IoT equipment and drones.

Choosing the Right Motor Driver

Selecting the right motor driver can be challenging. ROHM provides drivers that support both brushed (including stepper) and brushless types, allowing designers to select the ideal solution based on set requirements.

Rail-to-Rail Input/Output High-Speed CMOS Op Amps

ROHM’s new rail-to-rail input/output high-speed CMOS op amps deliver unprecedented EMI immunity that clears 4 international noise tests. The high noise tolerant EMARMOUR™ series improves reliability while reducing design load.

BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN Compatible Wireless Communication Module

ROHM’s ultra-compact BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN wireless communication module operates in the 920MHz band and includes a Wi-SUN software stack that enables operation at different transmission modes for high efficiency.

Opto Solutions | Datasheet Preview

Rohm Opto Solutions, from Rohm Semiconductor, offers visible and infrared solutions in a variety of packages for your latest innovation.

High Power Shunt Resistors | GMR Series

Learn more about ROHM's GMR series of high power shunt resistors providing automotive and industrial solutions with compact resistors that combine high reliability with high power handling capability.

ROHM's New High-Reliability 1608-Size White Chip LED

The SMLD12WBN1W is a White chip LED with 1608 size that achieves class-leading reliability. This new package offers mountability and long operational life, which makes it ideal for use in display panels in industrial and compact consumer equipment.

Zero Cross Detection ICs

ROHM now offers the first zero cross detection circuit for power supplies in the home appliance sector. The BM1ZxxFJ series reduces standby power consumption of the zero-cross circuit to just 0.01W while continuously powered.

Wettable Flank Package-DFN1010-3W

ROHM offers a new ultra-compact 1mm² bottom electrode MOSFET package leveraging original wettable flank technology that significantly improves heat dissipation while guaranteeing a minimum side solder fillet height of 125µm.

Digital Datasheet - ROHM's Low Quiescent Current Automotive LDOs

To meet the rapidly evolving needs of the automotive market, ROHM offers a broad lineup of AEC-Q101 qualified LDOs optimized for battery-connected applications requiring extremely low quiescent current.

ROHM's Configurable PMICs for NXP Application Processors

Learn more about ROHM's configurable power management ICs for NXP Applications Processors that help provide a highly optimized system power solution at the lowest system BOM while providing excellent power efficiency, system flexibility, and options.

AECQ SIC FET’s | Datasheet Preview

Rohm’s AEC-Q101 compliant automotive-grade silicon carbide MOSFETs provide high reliability for automotive on-board chargers and DC-to-DC converters.

BD71850MWV System PMIC for i.MX 8M Nano | Datasheet Preview

The System PMIC from Rohm Semiconductor combines all power rails required by i.MX 8M Nano processors and system peripherals.

ROHM 4-pin SiC Power MOSFETs | Digi-Key Daily

ROHM’s silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are available in a range of current ratings and packages. They also come in a variety of ON resistances and voltage (VDSS) ratings of 650 V, 1,200 V, or 1,700 V.

ROHM 3rd Generation Automotive Grade SiC MOSFETs First Look Video

While the electric vehicle market has seen incredible growth in recent years, short driving range coupled with long charging times make them impractical for many consumers and fleet users.

ROHM MR45V100A FeRAM | Digi-Key Daily

The MR45V100A from ROHM provides high-speed 40 MHz operation over a wide supply voltage range from 1.8 V to 3.6 V via SPI bus.

ROHM LMR1802G-LB CMOS Op Amp | Digi-Key Daily

ROHM's LMR1802G-LB CMOS op amp features the lowest noise currently in the industry, optimized for industrial applications requiring high-accuracy sensing, such as accelerometers used in sonar systems and optical sensors that handle ultra-small signal

How To Set Up ROHM's Arduino Sensor Shield for IoT | AAC How-To

The evaluation kit includes an Arduino shield that lets you plug in combinations of these eight sensor modules so that you can create the platform you need for whatever you’re building.