Sanyo Denki IP56 Splash Proof & Dust Proof Centrifugal Fans On Display

It is suitable for the cooling or ventilation of air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, dust collectors, and outdoor-installed communications equipment and PV inverters.

5/8/2018 3:42:25 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FAN IMP MTRZD 221X71MM 24VDC9W2TP24P0H001FAN IMP MTRZD 221X71MM 24VDC3 - ImmediateView Details
FAN IMP MTRZD 221X71MM 48VDC9W2TP48P0S001FAN IMP MTRZD 221X71MM 48VDC0View Details
FAN IMP MTRZD 225X99MM 48VDC9W2TS48P0S001FAN IMP MTRZD 225X99MM 48VDC8 - ImmediateView Details