ROHM MR45V100A FeRAM | Digi-Key Daily

ROHM presents their MR45V100A, which is a one megabit ferroelectric random-access memory, or FeRAM IC. When compared to other non-volatile memories such as EEPROM and Flash, FeRAM features faster data rewrite, higher rewrite durability, and lower power consumption. This memory IC provides high-speed 40 megahertz operation using the SPI bus, and can operate over a wide supply voltage range from 1.8 volts to 3.6 volts. Its standby mode has been improved to curb the rise in power consumption, and a sleep mode has been implemented to reduce power consumption even further. Ideal applications include those requiring fast and frequent acquisition of data and/or fast data backup in emergencies such as with smart meters, measurement equipment, medical equipment, and financial terminals.

4/3/2019 1:15:05 PM