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PUI Audio offers Audio Sound eXciters that can be attached to nearly any surface turning them into an audio generator. eXciters are driven like a speaker and yet require no additional enclosure design so they are easy to add to any product, and they don’t require any openings or perforations of the enclosure so they’re perfect for making sound in waterproof and dustproof devices. There is even a water proof eXciter for mounting on wet or submerged surfaces. eXciters are available in 4 Ω and 8 Ω versions with power ratings from 250 mW to 5 W, with various diameters that are all capable of replacing speakers of a larger diameter.

7/22/2016 3:52:09 PM

PUI Audio Sound eXciters Digi-Key Daily

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
ASX02604-REXCITER 4OHM 1.5W 85DB ROUND1387 - ImmediateView Details
ASX02608-REXCITER 8OHM 1.5W 82DB ROUND291 - ImmediateView Details
ASX02104-REXCITER 4OHM 250MW 72DB ROUND219 - ImmediateView Details
ASX02108-REXCITER 8OHM 250MW 75DB ROUND194 - ImmediateView Details
ASX03308-REXCITER 8OHM 3W 85DB ROUND219 - ImmediateView Details
ASX03304-REXCITER 4OHM 3W 88DB ROUND176 - ImmediateView Details
ASX03608-REXCITER 8OHM 3W 85DB ROUND172 - ImmediateView Details
ASX03604-REXCITER 4OHM 3W 88DB ROUND162 - ImmediateView Details
ASX04008-REXCITER 8OHM 3W 83DB ROUND196 - ImmediateView Details
ASX04004-REXCITER 4OHM 3W 86DB ROUND266 - ImmediateView Details
ASX03308-SM-REXCITER 8OHM 2W 77DB ROUND0View Details
ASX07008-WP-REXCITER 8OHM 5W 82DB ROUND60 - ImmediateView Details
ASX03304-SM-REXCITER 4OHM 2W 80DB ROUND0View Details