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Welcome to First Look, brought to you by Digi-Key and ON Semiconductor. It wasn’t long ago that all of our interactions with technology involved a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, but now it’s commonplace to talk to our phones, watches, speakers, and headphones, and simply listen for the response. This has resulted in demand for high quality audio even in small, battery-powered devices. ON Semiconductors’ LC823455 is an ultra-low power and high-resolution audio processing SoC optimized for wearables and other portable audio devices. Housed in a tiny WLCSP package, the 1-chip solution delivers 32-bit and 192kHz audio processing, support for multiple codecs, and features such as noise and echo cancellation. The SoC is built on a 28nm process and features a dual-core Arm Cortex-M3 paired with a proprietary 32-bit DSP. The LC823455 consumes up to 40% less power than previous generation devices while active, and up to 80% less power in sleep mode, while providing greater capabilities in a smaller footprint. The LC823455 integrates an Class D amplifier for driving the speaker and four mic inputs that can be used for beam forming and noise cancellation in near and far-field use cases. It also has interfaces for connecting to WLAN or Bluetooth modules and can stream audio over either interface or USB. The SoC also has 4MB of SRAM, which eliminates the need for a separate external memory in WLAN applications. ON Semiconductor offers comprehensive software libraries to address the wide range of functions developers need to integrate into audio and IoT devices. This allows developers to shorten the development cycle and reduce risk by using proven code. Applications include portable and wearable audio, wireless speakers, smart assistants, smart home devices, and other applications requiring high quality audio playback and voice command capabilities.

5/11/2020 2:09:55 PM

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