Molex - Product Spotlight - Watertite® Wiring Solutions

Providing 30% more wiring space over FS boxes, Woodhead® Watertite® non-metallic FD boxes are NEMA- and IP66-rated for harsh industrial conditions, available in one-, two- and three-gang configurations for future system expansions.

6/4/2014 7:49:47 PM

Molex - Product Spotlight - Watertite Wiring Solutions

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1301030014HANDLAMP VAPROTEX 100W0View Details
13010300291203 W/LEXAN GLOBE 75W MAX0View Details
13010300351203 QUICK OPEN0View Details
13010300381203 Q-OPEN W/GROUND CLIP0View Details
1301030021VAPROTEX 100W STEEL INS0View Details
13010300271203 INS/GRD0View Details
13010300191203GC W25FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
1301030015VPRTX 100W W/GR1447 25FT16-3-SO0View Details
1301030016HANDLAMP W/50' W/RUBBER GUARD0View Details
13010300361203QO W25FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
13010300221203 IN 25FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
13010300201203GC W50FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
13010300371203QO W50FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
13010300091203GC W/50' #163/3C & 24W470View Details
13010300241203 IN 50FT 16-3-SO14470View Details
13010300301203QO W25FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
13010300171203 W100FT 16-3-SO 14470View Details
13010300311203QOB143 W/LEXAN GLOBE0View Details
13010300261203 IN 100FT 16-3-SO14470View Details