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Littelfuse presents their direct mount ZCASE fuses, which were developed to attach directly to battery terminals with no additional wiring needed. Designed for high-powered commercial vehicle applications, these fuses mount directly to standard M10 female battery terminals to provide high-current, short-circuit protection for electric vehicles. Even the battery terminal itself is protected from accidental contacts and short-circuit faults. The fuse has a current rating of 600 amps, a voltage rating of 80 volts-DC, an ingress protection rating of IP67 and IP69K, an IEC 60079-0 explosion-proof rating, for use in explosive atmospheres, and it’s self-protected from battery acid fumes. The insulated M10 bolt is required for operation. Ideal applications include electric manlifts, electric forks, electric floor cleaners, electric utility vehicles, and more.

12/18/2019 10:05:39 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FUSE 600A 80VDC ZCASE W/BOLT3998600.ZXM10-SBFUSE 600A 80VDC ZCASE W/BOLT40 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 600A 80VDC ZCASE3998600.ZXM10-SFUSE 600A 80VDC ZCASE0View Details
HARDWARE M10 BOLT FOR ZCASE 3998902-192HARDWARE M10 BOLT FOR ZCASE 399840 - ImmediateView Details