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FLIR’s Lepton® 3.5 with radiometry is a complete long-wave infrared camera module that provides absolute temperature measurements for mobile devices and other consumer electronics. The module features a 160 x 120 pixel sensor that captures infrared radiation, with thermal sensitivity below 50 mK and increased scene dynamic range up to +400°C. The module offers integrated digital thermal image processing functions and a temperature-stable output to support radiometric processing, which provides thermal data of the captured scene independent of the modules temperature. The module has a SPI video interface and I2C control interface with a flexible supply voltage. FLIR’s Lepton® 3.5 with radiometry has a nominal power consumption of 140 mW and a low-power shutdown mode of just 5 mW and has a 32-pin side-contact socket interface.

4/4/2018 3:01:31 PM

Part List

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THERMAL IMAGE SENSOR 160HX120V500-0771-01THERMAL IMAGE SENSOR 160HX120V1053 - ImmediateView Details