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CUI’s line of high-performance Peltier modules using their arcTEC structure offer superior cooling performance and a longer lifecycle than competing modules. The arcTEC structure uses larger P and N type elements, a high temperature solder that offers improved resistance to thermal fatigue, and thermally conductive resin with high enough elasticity to expand and contract during the repeated heating and cooling cycles experience during normal operation. This results in more consistent thermal conductivity and less stress mechanical, leading to improved reliability and faster, more uniform cooling. CUI Peltier modules with arcTEC structure are ideal for medical and industrial applications, or where forced air cooling is not an option.

7/26/2017 4:56:30 PM

Part List

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CP604395HPELTIER, 40 X 40 X 3.95 MM, 6 A,81 - ImmediateView Details
CP854345HPELTIER, 40 X 40 X 3.45 MM, 8.561 - ImmediateView Details
CP603395HPELTIER, 30 X 30 X 3.95 MM, 6 A,68 - ImmediateView Details
CP203475HPELTIER, 30 X 30 X 4.75 MM, 2 A,74 - ImmediateView Details
CP393365HPELTIER, 30 X 30 X 3.65 MM, 3.968 - ImmediateView Details
CP603315HPELTIER, 30 X 30 X 3.15 MM, 6 A,58 - ImmediateView Details
CP853345HPELTIER, 30 X 30 X 3.45 MM, 8.5100 - ImmediateView Details
CP303385HPELTIER, 30 X 30 X 3.85 MM, 3 A,192 - ImmediateView Details