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The goal of the Sensor TechZone is to provide technical resources and further aid in the selection of sensors offered at Digi-Key. Our offering includes acceleration, inclination, navigational, current, environmental, imaging, liquid, positioning, pressure, force, and temperature sensors.

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Standex-Meder Electronics MH04 and MH21 micro-power Hall-effect sensors offer solid state reliability, low power consumption, and consistent activation points.
Publish Date: 2015-06-11
Standex Meder Electronics' reed sensor and magnet design evaluation kit designed to simply and ease the process of sensor system design.
Publish Date: 2012-06-29
ROHM Semiconductor BU520xx series omnipolar hall ICs are magnetic switches that can operate both S-and N-pole, upon which the output goes from hi to low.
Publish Date: 2015-05-27
Sensirion's EK-P4 evaluation board allows for the gathering of measurable data for SDP3x pressure sensors.
Publish Date: 2017-06-08

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Telaire’s CO2 sensing products are factory calibrated and feature single or dual channel versions with the same footprint.
Publish Date: 2013-01-02
The NovaSensor NPA 201's low power consumption and compact size makes it ideal for battery powered and mobile applications
Publish Date: 2016-04-12
Introduction to Clip-On Pipe Sensors and their benefits including a non-intrusive concept, simple installation, no down time, and no contamination build-up.
Publish Date: 2013-03-06
Industry-standard performance, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and solid long-term high-volume history of quality and compliance.
Publish Date: 2016-03-30

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Alfred Gomes demonstrates how, with a few simple steps, you can change the LDC1000EVM default sensor coil with a coil of your choice.
Publish Date: 2013-09-19
GYPRO evaluation tool tutorial installation and programming
Publish Date: 2017-03-20
Meet Judith Henzel, TE Connectivity’s Resident Engineer with Andretti Technologies, as she discusses her unique role powering the future of racing and transportation.
Publish Date: 2017-06-28
Learn from the Andretti team how TE's triaxial accelerometer sensors are used to measure vehicle dynamics as well as ensure driver safety in the Formula E car.
Publish Date: 2017-05-17
TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties M5800 Series Pressure Sensors
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