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Cypress' SLC NAND Flash memory are high performance, highly reliable, and are available in a variety of Gb densities.
Publish Date: 2012-12-20
Silicon Labs' F85x/6x are analog-intensive, yet highly cost-effective, 8-bit MCUs which include a 12-bit multi-channel analog-to-digital converter, two analog comparators with programmable hysteresis, and a precise internal-voltage reference.
Publish Date: 2013-08-21
Silicon Labs’ EFM32 Pearl and Jade Gecko MCUs enhance the users' design with extended memory, heightened security, and updated peripherals.
Publish Date: 2017-04-21
The C8051F39x/7x family is the next generation of Silicon Labs’ best-selling C8051F33x mixed-signal MCUs. These MCUs range in flash size from 4 to 16 kB and are footprint and code-compatible with current field-proven C8051F33x devices.
Publish Date: 2012-08-13

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Introduction to the concept and designs of hot swap devices as well as a discussion regarding hot swap controller layout and techniques.
Publish Date: 2008-04-29
Enables AVR to achieve the microcontroller industry's lowest power consumption of 500nA with Real Time Counter running and 100nA in the power down sleep mode.
Publish Date: 2011-10-18
Provides a highly flexible development platform with a selection of motion-related MEMs sensors.
Publish Date: 2015-02-05
The QorIQ LS1012A processor is part of a family of 64-bit ARM based processors from NXP providing scalable software compatible solutions.
Publish Date: 2016-07-11

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Learn how to import and run the Bluetooth temperature demo example on the tools and visualize the data on the IoTNode smart app. This video assumes that you have set up the tools and software in the getting started video.
Publish Date: 2017-09-11
This video introduces the Blackfin® BF50x processor family. It provides an overview of key product features including 400MHz of performance, optional integrated 12-bit ADC, and 4MB of executable flash memory.
Publish Date: 2012-06-08
Miniaturize your Arduino UNO project using Adafruit's ProTrinket which is based on the ATmega328P and is compatible with the Arduino IDE.
Publish Date: 2016-07-14
Digi-Key Daily previews the HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout Board from Adafruit. The ESP8266 offers users a simple and inexpensive method to integrate Wi-Fi into a hobbyist or prototype board.
Publish Date: 2016-01-06
NXP Semiconductor Ultra-Reliable MCUs Development Platforms
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