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Zettler Magnetics

Image of Zettler Magnetics' AH/ADH Series Split Bobbin Power PCB Transformers

AH/ADH Series Split Bobbin Power PCB Transformers - Parallel Input/Output for 1 to 20VA

50/60Hz to 115/230V input, UL recognized, Class B, with 2,500Vrms insulation. and industry-standard footprint and output.

Image of Zettler Magnetics' 1:500 ACST-260 Current Sense Transformer

1:500 ACST-260 Current Sense Transformer - Cost Effective and Reliable Performance to 30A

With UL Class B material and a 4,400Vrms isolation rating, the ACST-26 is ideal for all low frequency sensing applications.

Image of Zettler Magnetics' AHI “International” Series Transformer

UL Recognized AHI “International” Series are Inherently Limited, 50/60Hz, Class 2/3 Transformers

With 115/230VAC input capability and 4,200Vrms isolation, this series is designed for today’s most demanding applications.

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About Zettler Magnetics

Zettler Magnetics brings over 140 years of industry-leading support and technological innovation to your next design. Their broad line of magnetic components for off-line and SMPS power sources to meet the most stringent design requirements. With a growing range of catalog products and the ability to quickly design and sample custom solutions, Zettler Magnetics is the ideal partner for all power conversion needs of their customers. Zettler Magnetics products are competitively priced, available from key supply chain partners, and ideal for use in a range of applications such as appliances, LED lighting, industrial controls, medical, E-Mobility, food and beverage, telecom, energy management, and many more.