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Winchester Electronics

- Winchester Electronics, established in 1941, is a leader in the design, development, and deployment of interconnect technology…globally. Winchester designs and manufactures a wide variety of PCB, RF, Power and Fiber Optic connectors, as well as value-added cable and electromechanical assemblies. With the acquisitions of Kings® RF Connectors and Bomar Connectors they have expanded their technological capabilities and broadened their market base. Winchester’s competitive edge is their ability to solve technical interconnect problems, deploy those solutions globally to meet the customer’s manufacturing needs, and offer true supply chain management techniques that deliver value through high-mix/low-volume manufacturing technology. Winchester Electronics is a valuable extension to our customer’s product development resources, having the ability to rapidly provide high-quality interconnect solutions. Combining years of connector engineering and manufacturing expertise with their cable assembly and value added capabilities into vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, Winchester Electronics can help your company maintain its edge by providing engineered solutions and high quality products built to stringent specifications.

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Image of Winchester Interconnect's The Shadow™ HD BNC Connectors

The Shadow™ HD BNC Connectors

Winchester Interconnect's Shadow™ HD BNC connectors feature quality machined brass with Teflon insulators and semi-captive gold-plated contacts.

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Image of Winchester Interconnect's E-Snap™ Subminiature Edge Mount Connectors

E-Snap™ Subminiature Edge Mount Connectors

Winchester's E-Snap™ connectors feature small protrusions inside their slots, allowing connectors to "snap" securely into previously solder-pasted holes.

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Image of Winchester Interconnect's EZ-RJ45™ Connectors and Accessories

EZ-RJ45™ Connectors and Accessories

Winchester Interconnect's EZ-RJ45™ connectors are rated for CAT 5, CAT 5e, and CAT 6, and are specifically engineered to simplify twisted pair terminations.

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Image of Winchester Interconnect's V-Bite™ RF Connector

V-Bite™ RF Connector

Winchester Interconnect's V-Bite™ RF edge mount connectors are durable and weatherproof for demanding RF applications.

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Image of Winchester Interconnect's X-2 Dual BNC Jacks

X-2 Dual BNC Jacks

Winchester Interconnect's X-2 dual BNC jack for RF, video, and broadcast transmission is ideal for high-density PCBs in a broad range of high-performance RF applications.

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Adapter Kits

RF Adapter Kits

Duration: 5 minutes

Commercial, Broadcast, High Power, and Antenna adapter kits are available. All contacts are gold plated and come with univeral adapters.

Shadow™ HBC Series High Definition 75ohm Connectors

Shadow™ HBC Series High Definition 75ohm Connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

Designed for high deffinition broadcast, HBC series performs with great return loss and works with most standard BNC tooling.

EZ-RJ45 Connector


Duration: 5 minutes

EZ-RJ45 series connectors are a one piece design that can be used with solid or stranded wire and are available in CAT 5, CAT 5E, and Cat 6 configurations.

Image of Winchester Electronics logo

X-2 Series Dual BNC Connector

Duration: 5 minutes

Allow for the installation of two BNC connectors in the PC board space of a single connector and body slots cause quick insertion of ganged multiple connectors.

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E-Snap RF Connectors

The E-Snaps™ locks firmly in place for re-flow soldering without applying an adhesive.

EZ-RJ45 Connectors

The new patented EZ-RJ45™ connector simplifies installation by allowing the pairs to be inserted through the connector.

V-Bite RF Connectors

The V-Bite® is an industry award winning design PCB RF connector with all the advantages a designer could want.