WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd

- WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd, is the global joint venture between NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Beijing JianGuang Asset Management Co. Ltd (JAC Capital). WeEn Semiconductors was officially opened on 19th January, 2016 with the business and operations center located in Shanghai, China. WeEn Semiconductors is registered at Nanchang city which is the capital city of Jiangxi province, China. It fully owns subsidiaries and branches in Jilin city for bipolar production, in Shanghai and the United Kingdom for R&D and production support, in Hong Kong for Sales activities, and in many other countries for sales and customer services, respectively.


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High Power Triacs in Existing Packages

Planar passivated high commutation three-quadrant triacs from WeEn in TO220/IITO220/SOT186A are intended for use in circuits where high static and dynamic dV/dt and high dI/dt can occur. Learn More

SABER Power Diodes and Rectifiers Solution

SABERs from WeEn utilizes state-of-the-art technology which boosts overall system reliability and power efficiency. Learn More