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Vision Engineering

Image of Vision Engineering's KFM LED


Vision Engineering's KFL026022 and KFL026093 (ESD-safe) are heavy-duty, 3D round lens LED magnifiers.

Image of Vision Engineering's LFM LED


Vision Engineering's LFG028214 (3D) and LFG028215 (5D) are lighter-duty, 3D round lens LED magnifiers.

Image of Vision Engineering's Circus™ LED

Circus™ LEDs

Vision Engineering's CIL026698 and CIL026699 are powerful LED magnifiers with a large 3.5D or 5D glass lens, respectively.

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About Vision Engineering

For over 60 years, Vision Engineering has revolutionized ergonomic inspection and non-contact measuring systems. Superb image quality and comfortable working positions are not luxury features, they are key to increased productivity and quality. Vision Engineering’s collaboration with Luxo Corporation provides a range of illuminated industrial bench magnifiers with outstanding performance in a variety of manufacturing, assembly, and inspection tasks. These quality bench magnifiers provide perfect balance and flexibility for efficient working, ensuring they stay in the right position without drifting. These products are designed to provide the best possible ergonomics while saving energy.