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Venkel LTD

Image of Venkel's SAFC Series Safety Certified Ceramic Capacitors

SAFC Series Safety-Certified Ceramic Capacitors

Venkel's capacitors are safety-standard approved by IEC60384-14, UL 60950-1, and UL60384-14. UL Certified E511154 and E511217. TUV Certified R50450826.

Image of Venkel's TFCR Series Precision Thin Film Resistors

TFCR Series Precision Thin Film Resistors

Venkel's resistors can be used where precision, good stability, and good reliability is required. TCR as low as ±25ppm and tolerance down to ±0.1%.

Image of Venkel's CMCC Series Common Mode Choke Coils

CMCC Series Common Mode Choke Coils

Venkel's coils offer DC resistance down to 0.20Ω, operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, and high current capabilities as high as 450mA.

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About Venkel LTD

Founded in 1896, Venkel LTD. is an international supplier of surface-mount devices (SMD), specializing in passive components. Their extensive product offering includes ceramic capacitors, resistors, inductors, tantalum capacitors, choke coils, Ferrite beads, LEDs, thermistors, resistor arrays, and engineering kits. Their components are used in a wide range of applications in consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunication, automotive and aerospace industries. Venkel also provides a wide array of supply chain services including flexible stocking programs that are easily customizable to support the inventory management requirements of customers.