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Velab Co.

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Velab is a one stop shop for customer laboratory needs. Their mission is to provide quality equipment at a great value.

Image of Velab's PRO-12K Mini Desktop Centrifuge

PRO-12K Mini Desktop Centrifuge

Velab's PRO-12K is small and compact but powerful which makes this centrifuge great for customer laboratory needs.

Image of Velab's VE-6000T Ultraviolet Visible SpectroPhotoMeter

VE-6000T Ultraviolet Visible SpectroPhotoMeter

Velab's VE-6000T is commonly used in physicochemical laboratories. It is fitted with an innovative, user-friendly touch screen.

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About Velab Co.

Velab Co. is an innovative and dynamic worldwide microscope manufacturer.  Their services and instruments are used in a variety of areas ranging from life sciences, industry and forensics, surgical specialties, as well as classrooms around the world.  Velab is a market leader in optical microscopy, stereoscopy and digital microscopy by using their product development program to revolutionize the industry with their line of digital microscopes, centrifuges and spectrophotometers.  At Velab they have three main elements to making their strategy successful.  These include innovation, production and quality.  They pride themselves on focusing on innovation and continuously improve production to be able to deliver quality products with complete customer satisfaction.