Ultra Librarian®

- Ultra Librarian® provides a cloud-based library of over 15 million symbols, 24 exports, footprints, and 3D models, with vendor neutral ECAD data output options. This library represents over 400 manufacturers, provided by the industry's largest library of ECAD components. Easily find the parts you need and export to 22 different CAD tools. The library is updated daily to provide the most accurate parts for your PCB design needs.


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Simply search, design, and order using Digi-Key without ever leaving OrCAD Capture. Ultra Librarian, OrCAD, and Digi-Key join forces to streamline the process from design, through BOM creation, and even part purchase. Learn More

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Ultra Librarian® Desktop Software

Ultra's Librarian Desktop Software library management tool offers high accuracy and automation, making it an easy-to-use printed circuit board library management tool. Learn More


Ultra Librarian's CADSync provides a streamlined way to accurately pass design info and changes between ECAD and MCAD domains. Learn More

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UltraBOM Overview

Simple, frustration-free part purchasing and BOM creation. Get the component information you need without leaving OrCAD capture.

Online Downloading of Components to Database

This video gives a quick demonstration of how to download components from our online database.

Symbol Creation

An overview of how to use the Ultra Librarian tool to create symbols

Building Footprints

A quick, informative video teaching the user how to build footprints

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