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Triplett Test Equipment and Tools

Image of Triplett's Security Camera Testers

Security Camera Testers, CCTV, CATV, and AVI Solutions

Triplett offers security camera testers, universal BNC-compression connectors, 5MP HD baluns, and power-over-coax converters.

Image of Triplett's Test and Mesurments Solutions

Test and Measurement Solutions

Triplett’s test equipment includes a wide range of meters and tools for electrical, electronic, HVAC, and maintenance.

Image of Triplett's Network Solutions

VDV and Network Solutions

Triplett's network test solutions include low voltage testers, continuity testers, tone and probe kits, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) detectors.

About Triplett Test Equipment and Tools

For over a century, U.S.-based Triplett Test Equipment and Tools continues to be on the leading edge of specialized testers. They supplied vital test equipment to the U.S. Signal Corps during WWII and provided the railroad industry with essential testers to ensure the safety of their crews and the public. Triplett prides itself in developing innovative, reliable, and durable test equipment for every technician at low cost.