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TG3 Electronics

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Image of TG3 Electronics' Medical Products

Medical Products

TG3's medical products are fully sealed with silicon to help protect against the spread of germs and bacteria.

Image of TG3 Electronics' Low-Profile Keyboards

Low-Profile Keyboards

TG3's standard product keyboards are lightweight and have many different feature options such as Bluetooth® and backlight.

Image of TG3 Electronics' Mobile Data Keyboards

Mobile Data Keyboards

TG3's rugged keyboards best fit mobile applications for emergency vehicles and construction/warehouse environments.

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About TG3 Electronics

TG3 Electronics is a powerhouse when it comes to medical and mobile data keyboards. Having products that are industry-specific helps elevate TG3 and puts them above their competitors. Headquartered in Southeastern Wisconsin as well as having international manufacturing sites allow TG3 to fulfill both domestic and international orders in a timely manner. Many of TG3’s customers need TAA-compliant products so by having a US-based manufacturing site, TG3 is able to meet the TAA-compliancy requirements for those customers who need it.