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Telonic Berkeley Inc.

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Image of Telonic Berkeley's Tunable Bandpass Filter

Tunable Bandpass Filter

Telonic Berkeley's tunable bandpass filters are 5% bandwidth, 5 section, iris coupled, 0.05dB ripple Tchebchev filters.

Image of Telonic Berkeley's Tunable Band Reject (Notch) Filter

Tunable Band Reject (Notch) Filter

Telonic Berkeley's tunable band reject filters are 0.1% reject bandwidth, stub tuned 3 section Tchebychev filters.

About Telonic Berkeley Inc.

Telonic Berkeley (TB), a manufacturer of both standard and custom RF and microwave components, has a diversified technology base able to meet the most stringent quality and performance demands.  TB’s impressive array of fixed filter types has evolved over the years to continually meet customer needs as well as tailoring performance parameters specifically to each customer’s requirements.  Their product offerings also include an extensive line or precision Rotary Step Attenuators.  TB continues to make large investments in design and manufacturing systems to aid in their growth and vast industry involvement.