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Telonic Berkeley Inc.

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Image of Telonic Berkeley's Tunable Bandpass Filter

Tunable Bandpass Filter

Telonic Berkeley's tunable bandpass filters are 5% bandwidth, 5 section, iris coupled, 0.05dB ripple Tchebchev filters.

Image of Telonic Berkeley's Tunable Band Reject (Notch) Filter

Tunable Band Reject (Notch) Filter

Telonic Berkeley's tunable band reject filters are 0.1% reject bandwidth, stub tuned 3 section Tchebychev filters.

About Telonic Berkeley Inc.

Since its founding in 1958, Telonic Berkeley Inc. has developed a diversified technology base to meet the stringent quality and performance demands of RF and microwave customers. Telonic Berkeley is a manufacturer of standard and custom frequency (RF) and microwave components. Over the years, TB has developed a complete RF filter line including a broad range of tunable filters covering the 8 MHz to 4 GHz frequency band.