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- Taica Corporation manufacturers Alpha-GEL® silicone Anti-vibration & Impact-absorbing products, and Lambda-GEL® Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), which are used for a wide range of applications. Taica products include Anti-vibration components such as bolt-mount Vibration Insulators/Isolators, silicone Bushings, self-adhesive silicone GEL Chips & GEL Tapes, and SN Anti-vibration sheets, as well as Impact-absorbing materials like NP GEL foam silicone sheets. Taica also manufactures a wide variety of Thermally Conductive materials, in sheet, pad and paste formats (Taica TIMs are typically used between a heat sink and heat-generating electronic device). Alpha-GEL® is a complete family of soft, durable, and environmentally-friendly silicone products that can be used over a wide temperature range (-40°C to +200°C). Target industries include Automotive and Transportation, Aerospace, Marine, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Hand-held Devices, Automation Equipment, Processing Systems, Manufacturing, and Factory Automation applications.

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COH-3114LVC Thermal Interface Material (TIMs)

Taica’s COH-3114LVC thermal interface sheet material (TIM) is available in a variety of thicknesses and can be custom-cut to fit any design or application. Learn More

Theta Series/SF-2/SF-5/SF-10 Bolt-Mount Vibration Insulators

Taica Corporation's Theta series and SF series bolt-mount vibration insulators offer a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate specific applications. Learn More

Alpha-GEL® Bushings

Taica Corporation is the manufacturer of Alpha-GEL® silicone anti-vibration and impact-absorbing products, and Lambda-GEL® Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs). Learn More

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Taica's αGEL Egg‐Drop Test

Taica drops an egg from 18 meters onto a 2cm thick sheet of Alpha Gel. Alpha Gel is a shock absorbing material.

Applications of αGEL

Taica showcases applications and varieties of Alpha GEL shock absorption material.

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