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TT Electronics/BI Technologies

BI Technologies, a TT electronics company, designs and manufactures electronic components for customers across defense and aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and industrial electronics markets.


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Image of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' HM72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

HM72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

TT Electronics' HM72E-06 series molded inductor is a high temperature rated, molded inductor used in applications needing a buck/boost/buck-boost inductor for voltage.

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Image of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' HA72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

HA72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

TT Electronics' inductors are used for applications with high-stress environments and high current saturation levels and can also be used for EMI noise reduction.

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Image  of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' MagnePot 6150 Sensors

MagnePot 6150 Sensors

TT Electronics' MagnePot 6150 sensors provide clean outputs, have excellent accuracy, and a minimum lifetime of 50 million rotations, and have no sliding contact noise.

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Image of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' HM78D-1210 Series Inductors

HM78D-1210 Series Inductors

Dual winding inductors from TT Electronics are cost-effective and offer higher inductance, are more efficient, and have superior current handling.

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Image  of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' P160 Series Panel Potentiometers

P160 Series Panel Potentiometers

TT Electronics/BI Technologies' P160 series is a versatile panel style potentiometer with various terminal styles.

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Image  of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' Model EN11 Encoder

Model EN11 Encoder

TT Electronics/BI Technologies' EN11 encoder in an 11 mm style contacting type device for use in applications which require digital circuitry.

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Product Training Modules View All (7)

HA65A Inductor

HA65A Inductor

Duration: 10 minutes

Explore the characteristics, specifications, and applications for the HA65A series of fixed inductors.


MagnePot Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

Duration: 5 minutes

A non-contact, single-turn Hall Effect sensor featuring an extremely low mechanical torque, low noise, and a long rotational life of over 10 million cycles.


PFC Boost Inductor

Duration: 5 minutes

BI's HA55 series is a novel design approach to a PFC boost inductor that provides the power supply designer with a compact, high efficiency solution.


Surface Mount Coupled Inductors

Duration: 10 minutes

HM78D-1210 has dual windings that can be connected in series, parallel, as a dual inductor, or as a transformer, making it very versatile.