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TT Electronics

- TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications. It works with market-leading customers in the industrial, aerospace and defense, medical and transportation sectors. With headquarters in Woking, UK, TT Electronics employs nearly 5,000 staff and operates from 28 key locations around the world. It has three divisions: Sensors and Specialist Components, Power Electronics and Global Manufacturing Solutions.

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Image of TT Electronics - Optek Technology Photologic® V OPB9000 Reflective Optical Sensor

Photologic® V OPB9000 Reflective Optical Sensor

TT Electronics’ Photologic® V OPB9000 reflective optical sensor for industrial and medical applications.

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Image of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' HM72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

HM72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

TT Electronics' HM72E-06 series molded inductor is a high temperature rated, molded inductor used in applications needing a buck/boost/buck-boost inductor for voltage.

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Image  of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' MagnePot 6150 Sensors

MagnePot 6150 Sensors

TT Electronics' MagnePot 6150 sensors provide clean outputs, have excellent accuracy, and a minimum lifetime of 50 million rotations, and have no sliding contact noise.

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Image of TT Electronics/Optek Technology's OPA779 Series Display Lighting

OPA779 Series Display Lighting

The OPA779 series from TT Electronics/Optek Technology is a scalable lighting solution for the general lighting industry.

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Image of TT Electronics/Optek Technology's OPI1268S Super Blue Optoisolator

OPI1268S Super Blue Optoisolator

TT Electronics' high voltage optoisolator used in applications located in harsh environments needing a reliable seal against dust, liquids, and explosions.

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Image of TT Electronics/BI Technologies' HM78D-1210 Series Inductors

HM78D-1210 Series Inductors

Dual winding inductors from TT Electronics are cost-effective and offer higher inductance, are more efficient, and have superior current handling.

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HA65A Inductor

HA65A Inductor

Duration: 10 minutes

Explore the characteristics, specifications, and applications for the HA65A series of fixed inductors.


On Line Input Resistors

Duration: 10 minutes

The definition and functions of a line input resistor in a power supply circuit, TT Electronics' product offering, and tools for support.


MagnePot Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

Duration: 5 minutes

A non-contact, single-turn Hall Effect sensor featuring an extremely low mechanical torque, low noise, and a long rotational life of over 10 million cycles.


Surface Mount Coupled Inductors

Duration: 10 minutes

HM78D-1210 has dual windings that can be connected in series, parallel, as a dual inductor, or as a transformer, making it very versatile.

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Publish Date: 0001-01-01

Optek Flexible LED Lighting Strips – Another Geek Moment

Watch as Steve demonstrates some of the applications for Optek’s LED Lighting Strips, such as Under the Counter Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Background Lighting, and a few Not-so-Typical applications. The possibilities are endless!

Publish Date: 2012-06-01

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