Touchstone Semiconductor

- Touchstone Semiconductor Inc. creates high-performance analog integrated circuit (IC) solutions that solve critical issues for electronics companies. Our proprietary products offer a unique combination of features and performance that cannot be found elsewhere in the analog market. Our second-source products are pin-compatible and specification identical to competitive offerings, providing an ideal alternative for hard-to-secure sole-sourced products. Founded in 2010, Touchstone is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif. Its investors include Opus Capital and Khosla Ventures.


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TS9002 IC Comparator

Touchstone's TS9002 comparators are draw lower supply currents and have a better initial accuracy reference voltage. Learn More

TSA7887 Series ADC Converter

Touchstone's ADC converters are a self-contained and high speed alternate source for AD7887 in battery-powered systems. Learn More

TS3300 Boost + Output Load Switch

Touchstone's TS3300 boost + output load switch is highly efficient boost regulators combined with an output load switch create this semi power-management product. Learn More

TS1003 Operational Amplifier

Touchstone's TS1003 operational amplifier is a high-performance analog integrated circuit optimized for ultra-long battery powered applications. Learn More

TS3006 Semi Oscillator/Timer

Touchstone's TS3006 oscillator/timers help to reduce PCB area by up to 25% and have a factor of 10 lower power consumption over CMOS based components. Learn More

TS3003 Semi Oscillator/Timer

Touchstone's TS3003 compact, portable oscillator/timers are optimized for ultra long life. Learn More

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TS3002 How to: Configuring a Voltage Controlled Oscillator is Super Easy!

Interested in using a very low-power timer IC in a VCO application? This video will demonstrate how easy it is to configure properly the TS3002 timer IC as a Voltage Controlled Oscillator. Applications for this VCO are abundant.

Comparing Touchstone's TS3004 to Legacy CMOS 555 Timers

In this video, Touchstone's TS3004 timer IC is matched up against a legacy-CMOS 555 timer to see which IC solution consumes the least amount of power for a given output frequency.

The TS9002 Comparators' Hysteresis is Easily Adjustable!

Touchstone's TS9002 dual comparator incorporates an internal voltage reference which can be used with a simple two resistor feedback network to adjust the hysteresis for both comparators simultaneously.

TS7003 How to: Use its Shutdown Feature to Save Power

Power reduction is at the top of the list of goals for an engineer designing a battery-powered system, wouldn’t you agree?