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TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.

- TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. was founded in 1948 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for Industrial, COTS, Medical, Telecom, Datacom, and Test & Measurement applications worldwide.

Power Solutions for Medical Products


Discover high quality and long life products from TDK-Lambda. Product offering includes AC-DC, External/Desktop, DC-DC, and EMC/EMI Filters. Learn More

Configurable Modular Power Supplies

TDK Configurable Modular Power Supplies Thumbnail

TDK's NV, Vega, & QM series of configurable modular power supplies are available at Digi-Key. Check out TDK's online configurator to find the solution you need. Learn More

DTM300-D Series External Power Supplies

Image of TDK-Lambda's DTM300-D Series of Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's DTM300-D series of 300 W medical/ITE class I and II external power supplies are suitable for a variety of power hungry medical, industrial, test, and measurement applications. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of TDK-Lambda's KMS-A Series Power Supplies

KMS-A Series Power Supplies

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda KMS-A 15 W to 60 W board mount AC-DC medical and ITE certified power supplies. Learn More

Image of TDK-Lambda's TPS3000 Series Power Supply

TPS3000 Series Power Supply

TDK-Lambda brand’s TPS3000-24 power supply delivers up to 3,200 W output power (24 V at 133.3 A) in a 2-U-high package. Learn More

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Image of TDK-Lambda's CCG15/CCG30 Series 4:1 Input Range Dual Output DC-DC Converters

CCG15/CCG30 Series 4:1 Input Range Dual Output DC-DC Converters

TDK-Lambda's CCG15/CCG30 series 4:1 input range dual output DC-DC converters are highly efficient and enclosed in a 1” by 1” six-sided shielded metal case.

Learn More
Image of TDK Lambda's XMS500 Series 500 W Configurable Power Supplies for Medical and Industrial Applications

XMS500 Series 500 W Configurable Power Supplies for Medical and Industrial Applications

TDK's XMS500 series of AC/DC power supplies, rated at 500 W output power, are for use in a variety of medical and industrial applications.

Learn More
Image of TDK-Lambda's DTM65-D Series Power Supplies

DTM65-D Series External Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's DoE level VI efficiency 40 W to 65 W external power supplies are ideal for a variety of hospital, dental, and healthcare applications.

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Image of TDK-Lambda's RSEV Series 6 A to 30 A, 250 V EMC Filters

RSEV Series 6 A to 30 A, 250 V EMC Filters

TDK-Lambda's RSEV series are easy-to-install compact sized chassis-mount and DIN rail-mount 6 A to 30 A 250 V EMC filters.

Learn More
Image of TDK/Lambda's CUS200LD Series Power Supplies

CUS200LD Series Power Supplies

TDK's conduction/convection cooled 31 mm high power supplies have up to 206 W peak loading and are ideal for signage applications requiring a low profile.

Learn More
Image of TDK Lambda CUS30-60M Series Power Supplies

CUS30-60M Series Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's CUS30M and CUS60M series of AC-DC power supplies are rated at 30 W and 60 W output power.

Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of TDK Lambda's Safety Certification

Safety Certification

Locate all product safety approvals for TDK-Lambda products. Learn More

Image of TDK Lambda's Application Notes

Application Notes

View available Application Notes from TDK-Lambda to help support your design. Learn More

Image of TDK Lambda's Installation Manuals

Installation Manuals

Gain insight on TDK-Lambda’s portfolio through their extensive list of installation manuals. Learn More

Image of TDK Lambda's Technical Articles

Technical Articles

TDK-Lambda offers multiple white papers and technical articles to help with your design needs. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (23)


QM Series of Modular AC/DC Power Supplies

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will provide an overview of TDK-Lambda's QM Series of AC/DC Modular Power Supplies.


CUS200M and 350M AC-DC Power Supply

Duration: 10 minutes

A general overview of TDK-Lambda’s CUS200M and CUS350M Power Supplies


i6A Series of Non-isolated DC-DC Converters

Duration: 5 minutes

This module will identify the features, show a typical application and review the performance of the i6A series of non-isolated DC-DC converters from TDK-Lambda.

DC-DC Converter

CCG30S Series of High Efficiency DC/DC Converters

Duration: 5 minutes

Overview of TDK-Lambda’s CCG30S series of DC/DC converters

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TDK-Lambda CUS150M Medical Power Supplies | Digi-Key Daily

CUS150M series of 150 W rated AC-DC power supplies from TDK Corporation have the capability of operating in ambient temperatures of up to 85°C without the need for forced air cooling.

Publish Date: 2018-04-10

TDK Lambda CSW65 Series Power Supplies | Digi-Key Daily

CSW65 series of AC-DC power supplies from TDK-Lambda are rated at 40 W to 65 W output power.

Publish Date: 2018-02-07

TDK-Lambda DTM300-D Power Supplies | Digi-Key Daily

TDK Corporation introduces the DTM300-D series medical and ITE certified external power supply.

Publish Date: 2017-12-05

QM7 Modular Power Supplies - something to whisper about

Learn about the QM series by TDK-Lambda – the quietest 1500W modular power supply.

Publish Date: 2017-11-07

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