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Recent PTMs

10 minutes
ATS Series of High-Frequency Attenuators
This presentation will introduce the base technology and features of Susumu’s high-frequency attenuators, the ATS series.
10 minutes
RG Series of High Value Resistors
This tutorial will introduce Susumu’s RG series of High Value Resistors.
10 minutes
RS Series of Precision Audio Resistors
This presentation will introduce Susumu’s precision audio resistors, the technology used to make them, and the applications for the precision audio resistor the RS series.
5 minutes
High Power Chip Resistor HRG Series
Explore Susumu’s new high power resistors, the HRG series with the conventional short side wraparound terminal, a sibling of the high power PRG
10 minutes
URG Thin Film Chip Resistor
The URG series is the reliability enhanced version of Susumu's RG series.
5 minutes
RGLL Thin Film Chip Resistor
The latest products from the RG series save space and are extremely precise and reliable and are best fit in high frequency applications of over 100 MHz.
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About Susumu

Susumu Innovator and Specialist in Thin Film Technology: Chip Resistors, Chip Networks, Precision Resistor Networks, Chip Inductors, Delay Lines, Power Choke Coils, and Current Sensors.

Today’s ICs are small, function rich and high speed. Susumu-USA’s THIN FILM components are made to meet such demands. For example, our thin–film chip resistors boast their high frequency performance into GHz range without adding any significant noise, and our chip current sensors boast excellent heat dissipation (world’s smallest current sensors for the power), and many more.