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SL Power Electronics - Manufacturer of Condor / Ault Brands

Image of SL Power's ME240 Product Family

ME240 Product Family

SL Power's ME240 family models complement SL Power's comprehensive external power supply offering with incremental power levels from 10 watts to 240 watts.

Image of SL Power's LU225 Power Supply Family

LU225 Power Supply Frame

SL Power’s LU225 product family offers a next-generation, feature-rich design and delivers 225 W of AC/DC power.

Image of SL Power's High Power TF Series

High-Power TF Series

SL Power TF Series power supplies are available in 800 W, 1500 W, and 3000 W configurations and deliver flexibility, programmability, and seamless integration.

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TE Series AC/DC External Power Supplies
LB240 Series 240 W AC/DC Power Supply
ME90 Series 90 W AC/DC External Power Supply
MB120 Series 120 W AC/DC Power Supply
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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
SLE60SPD Series of External Power Adapters
This presentation will introduce USB-PD technology and how it can be applied to medical applications.
5 minutes
ME150 AC/DC External Power Supply
This presentation will give an overview of the electrical specifications of the ME150 product family.
10 minutes
TU425 Series ACDC Power Supply
A reliable, rugged power supply ideal for use in test and measurement and industrial systems.
5 minutes
CINT1200 AC DC Power Supplies
Accepts a wide input range of 90 to 264 VAC and with over 90% efficiency and convection cooled, has one of the smallest heat footprints available today.
5 minutes
Test & Measurement Power Supply Market
An overview of the test & measurement market and various segments served by SL Power.
5 minutes
Medical Power Supply Market
SL Power provides the broadest line of standard medical power supplies available for the market.
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About SL Power Electronics - Manufacturer of Condor / Ault Brands

SL Power Electronics (a subsidiary of Steel Partners Holdings L.P.) is a global leader in developing differentiated internal and external AC/DC power conversion solutions for Medical, Test & Measurement, and LED applications. For Medical applications, they power products that save & sustain lives. For Lighting and Audio-Visual applications, they power products that enhance your experience. For Test & Measurement applications, they power products that ensure precision.

Steel Partners Holdings L.P. is a global holding company with operations in diversified industrial products, energy, defense, supply chain management and logistics, banking and youth sports.