- SkyeTek transforms RFID into networking technology enabling goods and assets to participate in a connected world. SkyeTek develops readers that serve as intelligent edge devices and software that binds policies to tagged items. By extending networks to the physical world, customers increase revenue through their ability to predict demand, prevent counterfeiting, and personalize user interactions. Based in Westminster, Colo., SkyeTek sells exclusively through OEMs, systems integrators, resellers, and distributors.

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SkyeTutorial - ''SkyeWare 4'' Overview | SkyeTek RFID

A brief overview of the features of SkyeTek, Inc's ''SkyeWare 4'', including: - Getting Started With SkyeWare 4 - Testing Tag Read Range - Using Tag Memory Features - Using Anti-Collision

SkyeTutorial - ''SkyeWare 4'' Protocol Builder | SkyeTek RFID

This video will get you started using SkyeWare 4 to build commands used to communicate with your reader module.

SkyeTutorial - Working with Mifare Desfire tags in ''SkyeWare 4'' | SkyeTek RFID

How to use SkyeWare 4 to explore some of the advanced features of the MIFARE DESFire family of RFID tags.

SkyeTutorial - Tuning your HF antenna included in your M2 or M4 Developer Kit | SkyeTek RFID

This video will show you how SkyeWare 4 can be used to help you tune the antenna included with your development kit.

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