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Image of Sercalo Microtechnology's MEMS Switches rSC 1x24-9N-10-FA, SM, FC-APC

MEMS Switches rSC 1x24-9N-10-FA, SM, FC-APC - Compatible with Industry Pin-Out

The optical MEMS switch component is compliant to Telcordia 1221 reliability standards and RoHS requirements 2015/863/EU.

Image of Sercalo Microtechnology's TF-1-C-50-N - MEMS tunable filter C Band

TF-1-C-50-N - MEMS Tunable Filter C Band

The TF is composed by an optical system where light coming from the input fiber is collimated on a fused silica grating.

Image of Sercalo Microtechnology's mVOA-9B

mVOA-9B - Hermetically Sealed Package with a Diameter of Only 3.5 mm

Manufactured with the latest techniques in laser welding for achieving better stability and improved reliability.

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About Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd.

Sercalo Microtechnology is a leading supplier of fiber optical MEMS components for test and measurement. Sercalo offers a full range of MEMS products such as switches, attenuators (VOA's), and tunable filters. Sercalo products are used in leading fiber optic instruments and networks where high reliability and long-term stability are required. Sercalo skills span the entire production process, from in-house MEMS chip design and qualification to manufacturing and assembly. All products are designed, manufactured, and certified "Swiss Made".