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Sanyo Denki SanMotion Products

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EtherCAT Stepping Motor Systems to improve takt time and smooth equipment operation

4-Axis EtherCAT interface added to the PB Series closed-loop stepper system's features.

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High-Torque Stepping Motors with Improved Heat Dissipation

Learn how SANMOTION NEMA23 stepper motors are designed for efficient machine performance.

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No step-out & High Speed Positioning - Closed Loop Stepping Systems SANMOTION Model No.PB [4-Axis]
No step-out & High-Speed Positioning
Demonstration - SANMOTION F Ultra-Thin Stepping Motor
High Speed Positioning Demonstration
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About Sanyo Denki SanMotion Products

Sanyo Denki is a global leader in high performance motion control products. They offer a wide range of servo and stepping motors and drives to suit a multitude of applications. Sanyo Denki has long history of developing motion products that are reflected with high quality and reliability. SanMotion is Sanyo Denki's brand name for servo systems, such as servo motors, servo amplifiers, stepping motors, stepping drivers, motion controllers and encoders.

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