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- Synapse is an Internet of Things (IoT) company focused on providing reliable connectivity at the “Things” level. Our wireless, mesh networking components, solutions, and SimplySNAP smart lighting controls can be found in multiple industries around the globe. Our specialty involves illuminating the ‘Dark Data’, which empowers industrial manufacturers to proactively control and manage their production environment using the power of SNAP®.


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EK2100 Evaluation Kit

The Synapse Wireless EK2100-220 evaluation kit is an easy-to-use introduction to the power of the Synapse network application platform (SNAP). Learn More


SimplySNAP from Synapse Wireless allows control of IoT connected LED lights in many wireless infrastructure applications. Learn More

RF266 802.15.4 Module Featuring SNAP OS

A wireless RF module have low power consumption are preloaded with the Synapse SNAP network operating system. Learn More

SNAP® Link™ Serial Wireless Adapters

Seamlessly integrated with SNAP technology, SNAP® Link™ serial wireless adapters, from Synapse, are cost-effective solution for RS-485 cable replacement needs. Learn More

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Synapse - What can you build?

Overview of SNAP: the Things Platform

Synapse Wireless Stable, Reliable & Scalable Wireless IoT Networks

Discover the strength and reliability of SNAP in both indoor and outdoor smart lighting controlled solutions.

Synapse Wireless Lighting interview video with WAAY TV

Kathryn Caspar discusses wireless lighting in an interview video with WAAY TV

Synapse SN173 Proto-board Demonstration

Incredible acoustic sensors demo displayed at Sensors Expo

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