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Soberton, Inc.

Soberton - In today's business, the availability of high quality components at a competitive cost is essential to your success. Soberton, Inc. has assembled a team of hard working professionals, both in the United States and Asia.


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Image of Soberton's Noise Cancelling Microphones

Noise-Canceling Microphones

Soberton’s noise-canceling microphones filter out background noise and are ideal for handheld and IoT applications for picking up clean, crisp voice and sounds.

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Image of Soberton's Audio Exciters

Audio Exciters

Soberton’s audio exciters are offered in 8 ohms, and in sizes ranging from 18 mm to 44 mm and 2 watts to 5 watts rated power.

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Image of Soberton's Water-Resistant Speakers

Water-Resistant Speakers

Soberton's water-resistant speakers offer a compact size, wide frequency response, and optimal performance and durability, for use in challenging applications.

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Image of Soberton's Complete Audio Solutions

Complete Audio Solutions

Soberton's complete audio solutions are integrated into applications including IoT, handheld devices and scanners, computers, tablets, and kiosks.

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Image of Soberton's IP67 Rated Microphones

IP67 Rated Microphones

Soberton IP67 microphones are able with withstand water and dust making them suitable for many different challenging applications.

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Image of Soberton's Dynamic Speakers

Dynamic Speakers

Soberton expands their dynamic speaker offerings, which offer a solution of higher sound levels and audio than the standard piezo alarms.

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