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RATOC Systems

Image of RATOC Systems' RAL-KCM3MB1 and NWT01K


KCM3MB1 is a Carrier Board for CM3. Includes Power controller and low-noise LDOs. Enclosure bundled kit NWT01K available.

Image of RATOC Systems' RPi Series HAT IO Expander Board

RPi Series HAT IO Expander Board

Digital In/Out, Analog In, Serial and Pulse Counter/Timer

About RATOC Systems

RATOC Systems, Inc. has been developing, manufacturing and selling PC interface products with various technologies such as LAN, SCSI, IEEE1394, USB, IEEE488, Wireless, Video/Audio, Memory Card and Serial Communication on PC Card and PCI board. We are focusing Raspberry pi on Embedded, Industrial, IoT/Edge computing for Cloud. We launch New Products to use Raspberry pi for Embedded/Industrial and IoT/Edge application, include HAT boards to expand I/O for Raspberry pi 40P GPIO and IO Expansion/Power Control Carry Board for Computer Module 3/3+.