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- Rigado delivers smart wireless solutions for a connected world. They offer certified low-energy wireless modules and tools to accelerate development for Bluetooth Low Energy & Thread, as well as their DeviceOps platform for secure over-the-air updating. Rigado's engineering team has partnered with consumer, commercial and industrial clients to launch over 100 IoT products.

RigDFU Secure Bootloader

Image of Rigado's RigDFU

RigadDFU is a secure, easy-to-use bootloader includes added security to keep your product up to date in the field, while protecting your IP. Learn More

BMDware Preloaded Firmware

Image of Rigado's BMDware

Rigado’s BMDware for the BMD-200 & BMD-300 series modules provides iBeacon and transparent UART Bridge over BLE functionality, right out of the box. Learn More

Rigablue Libraries

Image of Rigado's Rigablue

The Rigablue library simplifies your interaction with Bluetooth low energy devices on iOS and Android. Learn More

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Image of Rigado's BMD-340 Bluetooth 5 + Thread Module
Coming Soon

BMD-340 Bluetooth® 5 + Thread Module

Rigado's multiprotocol SoM enables BLE5 and Thread connectivity, allowing faster time-to-market with reduced development cost.

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Image of Rigado BMD-330 Bluetooth 5 Module

BMD-330 Bluetooth 5 Module

Rigado’s BMD-330 provides a complete RF solution allowing faster time-to-market with reduced development cost and provides full use of the nRF52810.

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Image of Rigado's R41Z Evaluation Kit

R41Z Evaluation Kit

Rigado’s R41Z module is a highly integrated, ultra-low-power module that enables Thread with IEEE 802.15.4 and BLE RF connectivity.

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Image of Rigado's BMD-100 Bluetooth® Low Energy Modules

BMD-100 Bluetooth® Low Energy Modules

The Rigado BMD-100 is a Bluetooth Smart master/slave/multi-role network processor module targeted for low-power sensors and accessories using the ultra-low-power BlueNRG chipset from STMicro.

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Image of Rigado's BMD-300 Bluetooth Low Energy Module

BMD-300 Series Modules for Bluetooth® 4.2 LE

Carrying FCC, IC and CE certifications and Bluetooth qualification, the BMD-300 module is ready to implement right away for IoT and wearable applications.

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Image of Rigado's BMD-200 Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

BMD-200 Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

Rigado’s BMD‐200 is a powerful, highly flexible Bluetooth Smart module based on the nRF51822 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor.

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Introducing the BMD-340 Module

The Rigado BMD-340 module is based on the powerful new Nordic nRF52840 SoC, with full Bluetooth 5 support.

Introducing the Rigado IoT Development Kit

Includes the Rigado Vesta IoT Gateway and the Nordic Thingy:52 - with sensor-to-cloud demos for rapid prototyping.

Rigado BMD-200 Eval Kit - Getting Started

Here is a guide on how to set up a Rigado BMD-200 module EVAL board and tool-chain. The BMD-200 module itself is based on the nRF51822 Nordic Semiconductor SoC.

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