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- RF Digital manufactures an extensive line of configurable Wireless RF Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver Modules, suitable for nearly every type of application. The modules are fully integrated, high quality and low cost to benefit any application. The RFDuino product line delivers an expansive lineup of modules including sensor, USB, proto shields and others to test Bluetooth Low Energy in a plug and play prototype environment.

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Simblee™ RFD77402 IoT 3D ToF Sensor Module

RF Digital's Simblee™ RFD77402 Internet of Things (IoT) sensor module for Time of Flight (ToF), 3D imaging, and gesture recognition applications. Learn More

CCS811 Sensor Ecosystem

ams’ CCS811 is an ultra-low power air quality sensor in a very small 10-lead 2.7 mm x 4 mm LGA package. Learn More

AS6200 Temperature Sensor and RF Digital Simblee™ Bluetooth® Ecosystem

ams' AS6200 temperature sensor and RF Digital's Simblee Bluetooth ecosystem combined are ideal for mobile connected networking IoT applications. Learn More

ams ENS210 Sensor and RF Digital Simblee™ Bluetooth® Ecosystem

ams' EN210 temperature and humidity sensor and RF Digital's Simblee Bluetooth ecosystem combined are suitable for wearables, handhelds, and IoT applications. Learn More

TMG4903 Optical Sensor and Simblee™ Bluetooth® Ecosystem

ams’ TMG4903 is an ambient light and color (RGB) sensor in a very small 8-SMD (2.0 mm x 5.0 mm) package that has temperature range of -30ºC to +85ºC. Learn More

Simblee™ Bluetooth® Smart Module

RF Digital's Simblee RFD77101 is a high-performance, professional grade BLE radio transceiver with a built-in ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller. Learn More

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Simblee IoT 3D ToF Sensor Kit Quick Start Guide

Introducing the RFD77804 Simblee IoT 3D ToF Sensor Kit. Time of Flight sensor technology in a fully integrated micro module. Get accurate distance measurements up to 2 meters. Perfect for proximity and gesture control applications.

RF Digital Corporation Rfduino | Digi-Key Daily

The Rfduino from RF Digital Corporation is a tiny, wireless full-size arduino. The RFduino includes a variety of custom shields, and many of them are included in the development kit.

Unboxing the Simblee Development Kit

The Simblee Development Kit, RFD77803, is a great way to accelerate your IoT design projects and create working prototypes and proof of concepts very quickly.

Unboxing the Simblee Project Kit

The Simblee Project Kit, RFD77802, is a great way way to begin experimenting with Internet of things projects.

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