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Pololu Corporation

Image of Pololu's Jrk Motor Controllers with Feedback

Jrk Motor Controllers with Feedback

The Jrks make it simple to add closed-loop control of speed or position of a single brushed DC motor to a wide range of applications.

Image of Pololu's DC Brushed Motors

DC Brushed Motors

Pololu offers a wide (and growing) selection of brushed DC metal gearmotors that will let you choose the optimal torque and speed for your application.

Image of Pololu's Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators

Ensure your project gets the voltage it needs with efficient switching voltage regulators from Pololu.

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About Pololu Corporation

Pololu is an electronics manufacturer and online retailer serving education, maker, and professional engineering industries with products ranging from sensors and motion control electronics to motors and wheels to complete robots. They strive to offer well-engineered, quality products that enable their customers to take their own projects from idea to reality.