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- Preci-Dip packs unequaled expertise into cutting-edge interconnect components. Leveraging advanced designs, and top materials, with incomparable Swiss precision,Preci-Dip’s precision tools and contact assembly machines are developed, designed, and produced with passion and expertise. These experts put the principle of vertical single-site command structure put into practice - monitoring each step from raw material to finished product.

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Image of Preci-Dip's SMD Socket and Pin Connectors

SMD Socket and Pin Connectors

Advantages of this connector are its small size and it can be soldered from underneath with optimal connection between two PCBs.

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Surface Mount Lighting Strip Connectors

Low profile surface mount socket and pin connectors ideal for connecting LED lighting strips. Solder cup termination is also available for connecting wires.

Preci-Dip Product Solutions

Preci-Dip provides unique and innovative product solutions covering several different market segments, including connector solutions for the lighting, medical, military, communication, engineering, aviation, and automotive industries.

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