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Micro-D Series Subminiature Connectors
Omnetics Micro-D series connectors offer users both single and multi-row options of parallel contacts while showcasing high density in a rugged, miniature design.
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Nano 360® Circular Connectors
Omnetics’ Nano 360® series circular connectors utilize the rugged and reliable flex pin contact system and have an extremely small outer diameter range.
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Micro 360® Circular Connectors
Omnetics' Micro 360® circular connectors feature a compact mated length for use in high density wired applications and offer shielded cable against noise or cyber intrusion.
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About Omnetics

Omnetics is a miniature connector design and manufacturing company with decades of experience focused on high-reliability micro-miniature and nano-miniature electronic connectors and interconnection systems. Their miniature connectors are designed and assembled in a single location at their plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that includes in-house automatic machining and overmolding equipment. Omnetics maintains a large commercial off-the-shelf (COTs) inventory and offers a wide range of standard and specialized custom designs.