Oplink, a Molex company

- Oplink is a leading provider of optical communication components, intelligent modules and subsystems. The company offers integrated design and manufacturing solutions to global leading and emerging network equipment makers serving multiple addressable infrastructure markets of metro and long-haul transport and aggregation, wireless traffic hauling, data center networking, and cable TV. Related product brands include: Molex


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PIPD Eco Series Pigtailed Photodiode

Oplink's PIPD series features a miniature coaxial package, wide wavelength range, and RoHS 6/6 compliance. Learn More

ITMS Eco Series Single-Channel Integrated Tap Monitors

Oplink's ITMS Eco series features a miniature coaxial package, low insertion loss, and RoHS 6/6 compliance. Learn More

Unidirectional Single-Channel Tap Monitor

Oplink's UTMS Eco series features unidirectional signal detection, low insertion loss, low dark current, and wide wavelength range. Learn More

SWFC/DWFC/MMFC Series Fiber Couplers

Oplink fused window wideband fiber couplers provide accurate optical signal coupling and splitting over wide bandwidth with high performance and high reliability. Learn More

OIXSG Series Polarization Insensitive Fiber Isolator

Oplink's Green Isolator is based on glass encapsulated micro-optic packaging technology and minimizes back reflection and back scattering. Learn More

Mini OISS/OIDS/OISA Series Fiber Optic Isolators

Oplink mini isolator can sustain high optical power due to its optical path epoxy-free packaging. It is qualified Telcordia GR-1221 standards. Learn More

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